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Hello everyone! Welcome to Learning Creative Learning!

Let’s use this thread to introduce ourselves, and get to know other members of LCL.
Reply to this post, and tell us about yourself!

Where are you from? What do you do? What brings you to LCL? What do you hope to learn?

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You can also send a video message in your language to introduce yourself to the community!

Thanks for joining, we are excited to learn with you all! :heart:
LCL Team


Hi! Here Víctor, from Peru. A Design teacher, eager to share and learn with you.

Kind regards!


Hello my dear LCL family,

This is Mohona joining from Edmonton, Canada. Earlier I had worked with kids in creative spaces such as the Kid Museum, Bethesda, USA. LCL is a wonderful community and the reason I keep coming back here every year is not only to facilitate the process of learning but also grow as a learner because there is always something new to learn here and sharing thoughts and ideas help us all grow together. After the pandemic this year, especially as a mom of a toddler, I am very interested in learning how a parent may create an environment for their kids at home within their limited resources (whatever little or more) so that they can give special wings to their young creative minds to fly freely since early childhood.

This is a community we can all count on! So happily sending greetings to all of you…Mohona :dove::heart::family_woman_boy::hugs::heart_eyes_cat:


Hi everybody! My name is Ishita. I’m from Bangalore, India. I am passionate about inclusive, alternative education and designing interactive learning spaces! So excited to get to know you all during the next few weeks. Can’t wait to hear about all your ideas and insights during the live chat and in this forum!


HI LCLearners !
I attended the LCL since the beginning (2013) and I am an enthusiast of the Creative Learning approach. I love :turtle: turtle geometry, especially Tutrlestitch (Knit&Code) and creative computing.

I am a teacher, maker educator, and in 2013 I am co-founder of the makerspace in the public library :books: of Fabriano, Italy, with the aim to spread open culture and knowledge.

I moved to Sweden :sweden: from Italy , and here I am reinventing a new life.
Here me in flipgrid Flipgrid | ec6ec9b9


Hello everyone! I’m happy to be part of LCL family

My name is Ruba Jamal, I’m from Palestine . I work with AFSC (Quakers) as a program officer .
We work with Palestinian youth on civic engagement and participation. and I hope to learn how to use creative learning tools, in order to make it easy and fun and creative for our youth .

so excited to start the week , and can’t wait to learn from you and the participants from their experience


Hello @all, my name is Mr Tresor, i am from Rwanda, i am happy to be here, i hope to learn a lot from this platform,thank you!


Hi everyone, I’m Bwire from Uganda🇺🇬. I’m a passionate STEM teacher and innovator, happy to learn with and from you.


Hi everyone :) My name is Narges, from Iran. Nice to meet you!


so love that you say reinventing a new life - sounds so empowering, adventurous and wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi Solomon, It’s Jenny : ) I met you in WeMeet at Scratch Conference (twice! :smiley_cat:) and so happy to meet you here again! Yay!!

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Happy you’re part of this global LCL family and excited for all this too, Ruba :hugs:

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Hi everyone,

I’m Catherine. I live and work in Qatar. I look forward to learning with you in the coming weeks.


Hello, everyone!
My name is Verônica and I’m from Brazil.
I’m a Bilingual Kindergarten Teacher and I’m very excited to be here.


I’m Kae. I currently live in Kobe, Japan. I am the ICT Integration specialist for Prek-Grade 5 at an international school setting. I’m looking forward to learning from/with you!


Hi Everyone, my name is Louise. I’m currently teaching kindergarten in a small charter school in Murphy, NC. Previously I taught 30+ years in Broward county. Most of it in the public school system. I moved to the mountains 2yrs ago. I absolutely my curry position. I’m always looking for creative ways to keep my teaching fresh. I really don’t know much about LCL, but I’m very excited to be part of this global community.


Buenos días a todos!
Soy Pablo Cortés, me gusta mucho la tecnología actualmente soy google trainer y dirijo la academia de robotica de mi colegio.
Espero aprender mucho durante este tiempo


Hi everybody! My name is Carolini, I’m from Curitiba, Brazil and I am Robotics Teatcher. I’m very excited to be here.


Buenos dias …me gusta aprender sobre educacion y diseño. siempre he considerado que aprender de la
familia LCL es gratificante. espero aprender de ustedes, su creatividad, escucharlos; y estoy a entera disposicion de ustedes. gracias. buen dia.


Bom dia Grupo, estou muito feliz por participar, sou estudante de Mestrado, e na minha pesquisa utilizo a Aprendizagem Criativa. Espero aprender muito com vocês.

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