Introduce Yourself

Good Morning. Tammie Schrader from the United States, Washington State and I’m so excited to take this journey with you.


Catherine, I know a Catherine in Qatar. Do you happen to be a teacher?

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Hi everyone, I’m Fredy Petralia and I’m 47.
I’m a Computer Science’s teacher and i work in a Salesiani school in Catania, Italy.
I love coding, and i was a coach in First LEGO LEAGUE.
I’m reading the book of Mitchell Resnick, It was amazing.


My name is Paul and I’m from Poland, Upper Silesia region.
I want to learn new things here.
I work at primary school, with micro:bit, mBot’s.
I love flying kites and ride a bike.


Hi everyone!

It’s Héctor, from Girona (Spain). I’ve recently moved myself here, because I’m Spanish. However, I was living for almost five years in Bogotá (Colombia). Since 2012, I’m working teaching computational thinking doing a sort of different activities: bootcamps, workshops, robotics, creating videogames, and so on.

At this moment, I’ll work advising teachers around to implement maker and innovative methodologies to their classes.

To conclude, I want to do this course, because I desire to know more teachers, school leaders, and parents, linked with the same educational feelings as myself.


¡Hola a todos! Soy Belén de Chile :wave:t3:
Soy profesora de Ciencias y Tecnología y quiero aprender más sobre el enfoque que tienen sobre la programación, los proyectos y sobre todo la creatividad!!!


Hi All! My name is Vladěna, I am Czech, living in Germany. It is my second time in the community, this time I have some learning/thinking objectives at intersections of LCL & physical activity - I am thinking towards reducing sedentary learning time : )

I have read the Lifelong Kindergarten book couple times since my first LCL, and have been inspired to a include the Ps in design for tertiary and adult education and teacher professional development.

I always appreciate the opportunity this community gives us for peer learning, and of course for playful projects and passion sharing. I would also love to discuss any ideas you may have that touch on LCL and democratic education and transferable skills development.

Cheers, V.


Hello! I am Julia, originally from Maine but 24 years into teaching computer science at the elementary level in a suburb of Pittsburgh in the USA. Like many, my courses have been interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic since the spring of 2020. I will resume my full schedule in the fall of 2022 so I am making sure that I am up-to-date with my understanding of the LCL topics! Looking forward to learning with you.


Hi! I am Marcos Borges, professor and researcher at Unicamp (Universidade of Campinas, Brazil). My group (LIAG) is studing informatics and education for 16 years.
Now, we have the ACT (Learning, Creativity and Technology) project, that aims to support the addoption of Computational Thinking and Creative Learning in Brazilian education. (ACT – Aprendizado, Criatividade e Tecnologia - Computação Criativa - ACT / LIAG - Unicamp) ). We do reccomend the LCL to the participants of the ACT.
Some years ago we have a join project with Lifelong Kindergarten from Media Lab, MIT, with prof. Resnick and Leo Burd ( MIT 3 - O Lifelong Kindergarten - Computação Criativa).
I am here to learn how to present Creative Learning to teachers, with the best research group I have ever known.


Hi. My name is clare from the UK. I’m currently home educating my son while waiting for the library I work in to reopen. I’m hoping to start a small makerspace there and have a lot to learn. Hoping this is a good place to start


Hi Mohona!

Your intro popped out to me; I am now with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh – and I am originally from DC, so I used to take me kids to the Kid Museum! This is my first round of LCL, and I am looking forward to it!

Toddlers keep you busy – and the time goes fast. ENJOY!!!


Pablo de Chile!.
Psicólogo interesado en la creatividad.
Buena semana para todos!


Hi Everyone!
My name is Oluwamuyiwa from Nigeria.
I studied Mechanical Engineering and I develop both academic and business contents for a living. I am passionate about using engineering principles in aiding educational delivery.


Good morning from Brooklyn. I’m a manager and researcher with a strategy consulting firm called ReD Associates, currently leading a global study into learning through play. So impressed by the variety of people and places included in this space!


Hi Julia!

Nice to meet you! I am currently at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh – and I taught middle school English for 10 years before that.



I’m a Professor at the UCL School of Management.

I’ve spent the last eight years designing and launching an innovative undergraduate degree in Management Science.

Currently designing a new undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Management.

Looking to incorporate ideas from Learning Creative Learning in the design of both programmes.

Looking forward to working and learning with you all.




hi I’m Rizki from Indonesia, I am a student majoring in electrical engineering, nice to meet you all


I am Debbie from Pittsburgh (now) and DC (originally). I have been in education for almost 16 years as a teacher, instructional coach, and professional development specialist. I am passionate about teaching and learning – and I believe that both should be joyful. I am looking forward to learning from everyone here over the next few weeks!

Outside of work/school, I love to spend time with my family and travel – anywhere. I have two teenagers – 17 & 19, one of whom is out on his own and the other is starting to look at colleges. I also have two dogs – a German Shepherd and a Pug. The dogs actually have more in common than my children; at least they agree that they hate each other!


Hola a todos! mi nombre es Florencia, vivo en la ciudad de Mar del Plata (Argentina), soy profesora de nuevas tecnologías (TIC) en nivel primario, secundario y terciario. Estoy segura que LCL me va a aportar herramientas para poder utilizar con los niños. Estoy feliz de compartir este espacio.


I´m Åsa from Sweden, now living in Qatar. I´m a Mother tongue teacher, before I was teaching in a Primary school in Sweden for more than 25 years. I love my job and to always try to arouse students’ desire to develop and to make them love being in school. Happy to be a part of this community.