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Week 1 - Intro to Creative Learning

This week includes an introduction to the course, a discussion of the Lifelong Kindergarten approach, and an opportunity to share a childhood object

Week 2 - Projects

This week we focus on learning through making, and reflect on the creative process

Week 3 - Passion

This week we explore motivation in learning, along with strategies to engage people in meaningful experiences

Week 4 - Peers

This week we focus on learning as a social activity. We explore remixing and support people connecting to each other

Week 5 - Play

This week we explore the last (but not least!) P of creative learning: Play. We discuss different types of play and share strategies to promote playful learning.

Week 6 - Creative Society

In our last week, we explore strategies and motivations for supporting and expanding opportunities for creative learning. We invite you to reflect back on the 4 P’s and on your journey as a creative learner.

Open Topics

Ask questions, suggest resources, find collaborators, and talk about anything else related to creative learning


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