More Projects with Peers

Even though another LCL round has ended, the LCL community continues!
Let’s use the forum to involve others on projects and initiatives, ask for feedback, and stay in touch.

For example, you can:

  • Invite others to an online workshop you are attending or organizing
  • Find other people to start a summer reading club or self-organized Scratch sessions
  • Ask for feedback on how to improve a program or initiative you are designing or facilitating
  • Organize regular video calls with people from around the world that you have met on LCL
  • Anything else you want to do with LCL peers!

You can reply to this post in any language or start a new thread.

Let’s keep learning together!


I’m happy to invite you to join us in our project to reach more African learners. I’m giving away free tickets for members of this platform to share with their students. Let me know if you are interested. Reach me on WhatsApp or telegram +2349053617103

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