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Eu me chamo Guilherme Bilhalva, atuo com educação criativa, tecnologias educacionais e robótica há quase 15 anos. Estou feliz em participar desta comunidade, espero conhecer e trocar muito em prol da educação.

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23 years of teaching
experience at various
international institutes
and colleges in Saudi
Arabia and Pakistan in
EFL setting.

Hi @nasir :wave: welcome to the LCL community :smiley:

Hi everyone. Almost a year later here. I am Sona, live in Dubai and a student for life…

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Hi @nomad , big welcome to you! : )

Hi! It’s so nice to meet you all! I’m Andry, from Colombia, I’m interested in educational settings in how to develop creativity at different stages of the life!

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Hello everyone, I’m Shpresa, I came from Albania an I live in Italy for about 16 years. I work and at the same time I study at university. I like learning new things, to create, to be useful. I feel that I have to much to give but I don’t know how, and I think that this community will help me learn how to do. I love painting, sewing, reading.

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@Jubust Welcome to LCL Andry! :wave:

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Hi Shpresa @Aserphs Love what you say about finding how you can give of yourself and grow :heart: :sparkles: this community is definitely great place to come to help you explore that more :cyclone:

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Hi everybody!!
We are Samuel and Sofia, two kids with our Dad trying to fuger out how to create a personage, video and games!

We will love to interact with you all having good ideas together!

We are from Saio Paulo, Brasil

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Hi there Samuel, Sofia and Dad :wave: big welcome to the LCL Community!:sparkles:

Hi Jenny!
We lack to find the “play button” on the programming are, could you help us finding it?!


no worries, are you looking how to play a Scratch project :heart_eyes_cat:(with the Green Flag), or was something else here you are wanting to Play ? would be delighted to help in any way :sparkles:

Hi Jenny, tks for your answer!

We still don’t know which would be the best way to start using scratch, so will love your suggestion for where to start by.

We could understand how to give instructions to the cat, change the cat to another figure and associate sounds and give instructions to the cat “to move step by step”. Our trial was (I think) to make a first very simple video, but as we said, we didn’t find the “play button to watch the hall video”. With that said, we are super opened to any suggestion of yours and very happy to being able to talk to you!!

Tks for the attention again!

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Hi!! from INDIA
I’m a scratch/ scratchjr educator. I enjoy a lot working with kids their creativity their energy they always makes me feel young :grin: also they update my brain ( act as new updates for my old brain) :sweat_smile: I am psychologist also and its excites me how creative learning enhance are whole personality ( knowledge, confidence, problem solving tech. also its a brain exercise both the parts of brain is active creative and the logic sides.) I’m sure I will learn something from LCL team. :innocent:

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Hi Jenny, have you seen our email?
Please whenever it is possible, we are. Here to talk

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Hi Jenny, unfortunate we had a password problem,
We try to reset it, but it is sending email to another email but this one.

If you have any suggestion, we will be very glad

Ty’s a lot!

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Love that you’ve been experimenting in Scratch @SamuelESofia
wondering if it’s Event blocks you are looking for, like ‘When Green Flag Clicked’ ?
if you’re able to Share your project, you could send the URL here so we can see more : )

Hi there, yes, would definitely be great to find out more : )