Progress Bar?

If applicable, is there a way to know your progress thus far in completing this "course?"

While I know this experience is mainly at one’s own pace, I wasn’t sure if something is suppose to tell me where I am in completing the LCL “course.”

If my question/suggestion is not applicable or something eerily similar to a progress bar exist and I missed it, moot point and my apologies in advance.


Thankyou so so much for asking about this @JJLBailey :pray: Your question made me think really deeply about my own experience of the course, and so it’s great to have an opportunity to discuss that a little here : ) Personally, I trained to teach Yoga and there we often spoke about each of us taking the time we needed to discover things as being like ‘peeling the layers of an onion’, finding more layers emerge for us as we go deeper into it :onion: :sparkles:

I’ve noticed participants in previous rounds sometimes mentioning they felt ‘behind’ with activities or readings as we get further on in the course, and then maybe feeling discouraged. But, as you say, with this course, it’s very much encouraged that everyone go at their own pace, spending as much or as little time as they like exploring what’s offered : ) The live events are all optional and don’t require being at any particular point in the course to participate, and all the resources are available all year-round, so there’s definitely no intended barriers or end date to exploring here :D

The real aim is to bring people together to connect and share ideas, engage in Creative Learning themselves, and grow this wonderful ongoing global Community . Yay!!! Hope you feel part of the LCL Community already, Jarvis, and can continue to come back with thoughts and collaborate with us all as we all explore this deeper together : D


Thanks, @JJLBailey and @JayElf for your thoughts.
The first Learning Creative Learning course I attended was in February 2013 and I am still here as a learner first!
I am continuing to change my teaching and learning.

Honestly, the first time I attended I did all the prompts, videos and activities Mitch Rescnik proposed like a bird’s eye-view just to catch the main concepts. And during the years I have tried to go deeper and be active in the LCL community.
I personally like a progression bar just to understand where I am and if I miss something.

Where comes the sense of completion? Is it a biological, cultural or personal need?

So there is not a progression bar but we know each week the course will propose to us.

  • Readings
  • Video
  • Prompt: One Activity and One Reflection
  • Live Chat on Fridays
  • WeScratch on Wednesdays

I had the same question. I thought there was a tool that would let me know which activities I am still missing. The cool thing is that since I don’t have that information I participate once or twice in the same activity, which helps me to go back and read about other people´s ideas.


Thank you for providing us with this valuable space to share our thoughts, ideas and initiatives. It is useful to connect with teachers who implement creative learning everywhere.


Love to hear that @Paola.Etchevers and I absolutely love reading everyone’s ideas in the forum also :sparkling_heart: LCL is such a wonderfully sharing Community and I feel so lucky to be a part of it too :heart_eyes: