[Video 4] Peers

Here is the video you can find in the Peers page of the LCL Website.

The video has subtitles in multiple languages.

And here are the readings from the Peers chapter of the Lifelong Kindergarten book.
(Also available in other languages on the website)

Please ask questions and share your comments below!
We’ll also discuss some of these ideas in the next LCL Chat on Friday.

Happy Peers Week!

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Mi piace mettere insieme il primo principio e il secondo e applicarli alla scuola: un luogo in cui i bambini abbiano la possibilità di progettare, creare e inventare seguendo i loro interessi. Spesso questo connubio diventa un’utopia perché rimani ingabbiato nella rete dei programmi rigidi


I am wondering what would it be like to listen to the LifeLong Kindergarten AUDIOBOOK together with some PEERS?

Maybe you could ask a colleague to listen to a section you think the other person might particularly enjoy? And just maybe, you enjoy some listening together? And then - your colleague can become your LCL Peer for the next run of LCL … or you just start something together in the meanwhile ;-)


A sense of belonging and synergy seems to be underlining goals as well via the Clubhouse.

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@Vladena this is a wonderful idea!
if you do, please let us know here, or under ‘Meet Someone!’ activity, as would be great to hear more and share with each about this : )

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