[Activity 4] Remix something!

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Peers collaborate in many different ways, for example building on each other’ ideas.
That’s why this week we invite you to create a remix!

Choose one of the projects shared on LCL in the past few weeks (or any other project that inspires you) and create your own version of it. You can remix anything: it can be something physical, a poem, a recipe, or a Scratch project!

Post your remix here and thank the author of the original project.

What inspired you about the original project? What did you change and why? If one of your projects was remixed, how did it feel?

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Should we also share on this studio?



Here is my remix Scratch project for this week


This original project from Ryani inspired me to say happy Eid Mubarak to my Muslims in my country Indonesia because we just celebrating Eid Mubarak. I changed some colours, sprites and backdrops in her project. If my project was remixed, I would be honoured, because that means my project can be edited to another version of another person’s fantasy about my project.

  • Thanks to Ryani.

I’m attempting to remix yours & wish our kiddos & teachers here a Happy & Safe Summer, but I’m struggling a little with getting the words to show. Still going to try to work on it some, but here’s the start of it. :)


Thanks @Eric & RYANI


Depois de aprender tanta coisa com tanta gente, refiz meu projeto do 1° encontro do WeScratct.

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Well for this week, I tried remixing from others project and I found something interesting and fun to see.

It is project from Myoung06

And here it is

I added something to make it more fun to watch, and fixing some unused code blocks to make it more clean.

Big thanks to Myoung06 for the inspiration

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As I love my baby dogs, I took the opportunity to work on a remix of a project created by Eric Dharmawan.

I added a video sensor activity to it.


For this week, I tried to remix Ryani’s Scratch Project. What inspired me is that it can be used to say happy birthday to those who’s celebrating it. I made some changes to the text and backdrop in her project.

Here’s the link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/688695571

Big thanks to Ryani :+1: :smile:

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@JayElf made a wonderful carousel sketch to get started with p5.js and I was inspired by both her execution and research for the source images. Her sketch reminded me of this painting by Marcel Duchamp, and it turns out that Duchamp was well aware of Muybridge’s work – neat!

I remixed the carousel to create a sort of window in time that echoes the painting.

Thank you @JayElf! And welcome to the Processing community #newKidLove


Woowwww!!! I absolutely love your remix sketch, Nick @mcintyre :carousel_horse: :horse_racing: :sparkling_heart:
Think it also echoes that image by Étienne-Jules Marey in the link you gave too. Both stunning and ghostly! :sparkles:

And thankyou for the lovely welcome :grinning: :pray:


UPDATE! I finally got the words to show! :) Took a little tweaking, but good to go now!


I remixed @Mohona 's Passion project from last week, I thought it was a beautiful idea and wanted to try it as well!
Thank you for the opportunity!



Wow Claudia! It looks great… thanks for taking it one step forward. I am so happy to see your remix project. <3 :heart_eyes:

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Yay! fantastic project tweaking, iterating and spiraling @AngSim00 :grinning:

I remixed a project by Daniela Ferraz ([Activity 3] Create a project connected to your interests - #23 by DaniFerraz) where she introduced herself using Scratch.

I thought this was a very creative way to introduce yourself and wanted to add myself into her introduction like a conversation. Doing this I also got the chance to use the ‘broadcast and wait’ block which I had never used before.

Thank you Daniela, I hope I can visit the Azores one day.


This is my remix project
Link : https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/682044327
original made by KevinYT

I have been inspired by pandemics in my country. I want all people need to know how to avoid a virus by using mask or hand sanitizer


such a cool project @ADE!

Agradeço ao autor que fez este projeto, admiro muito professores que fazem os seus alunos felizes.
Alterei o ator e o código de alguns atores, mudando também o sentido prévio da mensagem que seria divulgação para uma homenagem dos alunos para o professor.


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Happily got to meet with Nick @mcintyre this weekend, to share some projects, ideas and inspiration, especially around creating in p5js and the way historic artworks can be remixed/recreated using code.
Looking through some of his sketches, I was immediately drawn to Sunshine, as loved the softly shifting gold colours and shimmering movement. Also very happy to celebrate sunshine, with all its associations with life, warmth, positivity, energy and joy!

Added a sky background, and then kept tinkering with all the values, until I’d added a slightly pulsating, glowing effect and turned the shimmering into more of a haze - which also reminds me of a mandala or kaleidoscope (also inspired by @Mohona’s idea for creating one in Scratch)! :sun_with_face:

This was just so much fun to play with - it was very very difficult to stop! : D Thank you so much @mcintyre for all the inspiration, encouragement, and for sparking such enthusiasm in me again for creating with p5js!