Any way to follow other users?

I would like to be able to follow specific users so I am notified of their posts. This would help tremendously with keeping a dialogue going with people who have similar sub-interests in the course.

If following is not possible, it would already be helpful to have something like “friending” enabled, so I can easily find the profiles of the users that I have connected with and click through their posts.


Hi @Shoshannah, that’s a great suggestion!

I’m looking into it, maybe we can add a plugin to add this feature, but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to do it during this round… I’ll keep you posted!


Awesome, thanks <3

Update: unfortunately we can’t activate the plugin in the forum, so there is no easy way to follow someone.

On the other hand, I’ve found out that you can follow your favorite users using an RSS reader (like Feeder, which has a nice browser extension). The feed format is:

I know it’s not ideal but I hope it helps, I’ll start experimenting it myself!


Thanks for checking this out! I’ll have a look :slight_smile:

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@tarmelop it is tricky! I tried searching a user and got the mentions of that person by others but not that persons’ posts. Do we get notifications of replies of others in a thread in which we’ve responded? I was thinking adding to the conversation may be a way to get notifications…. But that means you have found that person to begin with…. Was also thinking you could ask them to @ you in their post but that could be annoying if a lot of people start asking that. Grin.