[Video 5] Play

Here is the video you can find in the Play page of the LCL Website.

The video has subtitles in multiple languages.

And here are the readings from the Play chapter of the Lifelong Kindergarten book.
(Also available in other languages on the website)

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We’ll also discuss some of these ideas in the next LCL Chat on Friday.

Happy Play Week!


Great video! Timely too, as educators, supporters, caretakers, and others reimagine education/learning, etc., due to the Covid pandemic.

Play is essential in development. Imagination and creativity are running wild via play. That said, play also can (operative term) challenge the participant(s) to think deeper, go further, exceed the status quo, break barriers, expand horizons, and pose the question of how far/what if.

So, yes, to me, play is imperative in learning… and not just in grades PreK-5 (or similar education systems/levels). I think “play,” as you get older, morphs into “create, innovate, imagine, etc.”.


That’s some of my sophomores playings :slight_smile:

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