[Activity 2] Make Something!

Part of the original design was to facilitate Alice being able to move the tubes around. An outer cover might well make the tubes more stable, but would preclude the play aspect.


This is my project, I created it in Scratch. I got the idea from my student’s lesson in Google CS First: Storytelling, which is there is a character that ask user about something & act based on user input. Challenge that I encountered during created project such as choose color, make dialog, & set the story. If I had more time, I’ll add some reaction for the character like move to another position & created expression’s animation. Because I’m a coding instructor for kids, so I implemented these idea based on suggestion. If you wanna try my project, you can click this link:



=^.,.^= → :door: :sparkles:wonderful choose-your-own-adventure story project @Jauhar :sparkles:

This is an adventure much more than just animating a name! @Amani

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I am trying to create digital images, posters, and tools for the classroom and beyond. I recently started to use Canva so here is one of my projects



Well I think my project is really simple and a lot of teachers did it around the world when we was in a pandemic crise and the schools were closed.

I decide to do online videos trying to explain the school subjects to my students.

It was a very interesting project because every video I made I was thinking about how to make myself more understandable and how can I explain the object in the easier way.

If I have more time I pretend to keep on this project but using another strategies.

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@Nelson It’s a great idea! :star_struck: Certainly, you love your students. And this is the most important.
I wish you to create a great online course and not for your students only :heart_eyes:

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Eu fiz o início de um RPG utilizando o Scratch.
Eu sempre gostei de videogames, especialmente jogos em formato de Role-Playing-Games, então decidi iniciar um no Scratch. Ainda estou desenvolvendo a história.
O mais desafiador foi encontrar os sprites e backdrops que eu gostaria e encontrar a programação correta. Se eu tivesse mais tempo eu faria um jogo de mundo aberto.

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Uau! Adorei jogar sua prévia de RPG @grabelomartins muito legal :sparkles:
Wow! Loved playing your RPG preview. very cool

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Fiz um cachorro de papelão e fita adesiva, programei via Scratch e automatizei com Lego Mindstorms.


Wow!! a Robo-Dog :star_struck:

Because I like to create my own character and to do animations with them.
so, here is my giraffe + catty from scratch :face_with_peeking_eye: created on Scratchjr :smiley:

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@BraveP Love the colors and giraffe’s expression :giraffe: :heart: