[Activity 1] Childhood Objects

I don’t have any object I would remember similarly to the story “Gears of my Chilhood”, but I remember I loved to make stories with the toys I had (like toy story :smile:), I remember I used to recreate also some fragments of the dramas my mom used to watch and also from the books I used to read. And when I could, I started doing clothes for my toys, I made elegant dresses and different costumes by myself, was so funny!

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@Jubust my brother and I would make up stories with our toys too, sometimes inspired by books or tv also :open_book: :sparkles: think with us it was a way to understand stories, to better understand people’s motivations and actions within them, and in the world

We like to play everyday with a lot of things as soccer and play with our Pets and every kind of animals :soccer: :guide_dog: :soccer: :guide_dog: :soccer:

As a kid I use to wait for my summer break because we use to travel in summers. I just love travelling in train and being on station :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I use to wonder where all people are going and how differently behaving and dressed up I use to be very happy and curious even now :grin: stations and train makes me happy.

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@BraveP yes, make me happy too :grin: