Makey Makey technical help

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use these arcade buttons and joystick that come with an encoder board

Can anyone please advise how should I connect it to Makey Makey

Many thanks

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@SSMJQ Hi Sam, haven’t used Makey Makey myself but found this great video on using with Arcade Buttons and Scratch and project guide on their site for DIY Arcade Controller which might help : )
these projects look to use different style Arcade Buttons to the ones in your Raspberry Pi Retro Games kit, so perhaps someone else here can help more with ideas :sparkles: on that, as looks such cool project!

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I am no help with the specifics… but I can say that the makey makey is like a keyboard. I’m able to code in Scratch with the blue key sensing block, or when this key pressed yellow hat as well as the makey makey extension hats. It doesn’t need a scratch link to work.
Colleen Graves with Makey Makey is super helpful and curious. I think contacting her directly might give you some good answers.

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Thanks so much for the reply. I have realised I can’t use encoder with it and just used jumper wires to connect with a key, ground and key out on back of board for led light!

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Oh yes! Colleen is amazing! Thanks hugely @MissMissShelly :heart:

Yay! Awesome! Would love to see more about what you make @SSMJQ : D