Join us for WeScratch Workshops on Wednesdays!

What is a WeScratch Workshop?

WeScratch Workshops are experimental, collaborative, online workshops for anyone who want to learn how to create projects with Scratch, with guidance and support from peers.

WeScratch is for everyone: whether it’s your first or your 100th time with Scratch you will learn (or help someone learn) something new!

The workshops are hosted in English, but we’ll try to support people working in small groups in their own language.

When are WeScratch Workshops happening?
WeScratch Workshops are hosted on Wednesdays from 1:00- to 2:30 PM ET (Boston time).
Double check the times in your time zone, you can do it using the calendar.

How can I join?
Here is the Zoom link for WeScratch: Launch Meeting - Zoom
The link is activated 15 minutes before the official start time.

Please join using a computer (no phone or tablet), and make sure you have an account on Scratch.
Here you can download or update Zoom to the latest version.

What if I can’t join?
We will record and share the video recording of the first part (activity introduction + demo) and the final part (browsing some of the projects made by participants). We will also share the link to the Scratch studio so people can see other projects and add their own anytime. Here are the past session recordings and links:

Facilitation Research
Some breakout sessions will be recorded for research purposes (but not shared publicly).
If you’d like to learn more and eventually participate in the research, please check out this consent form.

Any questions? Ask below!

We look forward to having you in the next WeScratch Workshop!
LCL Team


For new Scratch starter, here are some of our simple project done by ourselves and with guidance of very easy-to-follow Scratch Card. Try it out if you’re interested take a look at the underlying code, and then you can create your own by modifying the codes to see your own creation :)


If we are unable to attend the WeScratch workshops, but would still like to work on what was discussed during them, will the topics/challenges be made available after the workshop? Thanks!! :)


Great question! I’ve just added the info in the main post!

We will record and share the video of the first part (activity introduction + demo) and the final part (browsing some of the projects made by participants). We will also share the link to the Scratch studio so people can see other projects and add their own anytime.

Hope this helps!


Great! Thanks so much!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the workshop I loved it.


Thank you! I will try definitely try it!

@GutermuthLibrary I’ve just seen that Week One WeScratch recording is now there. Yay!

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Thanks!! I’m watching it right now!! :slight_smile:

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Excellent, I’ll try it…

Thank you so much

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Hello, plz where do we find the shared missed sessions?


Hi @Tresor, last week’s WeScratch Recording is here: WeScratch #1 Recording
This week’s recording will also be posted in the forum under Announcements very soon :)

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Just shared the WeScratch #2 Recording!

thanks a bunch @JayElf and @tarmelop

i have downloaded scratch on my pc, and followed a tutorial online to create a game; the game is about a jumping frog with moving obstacles (tenis ball) and has scores…

now two questions rises, how do i distribute the game;
(one) with my friends?
(two) with the online platform so you guys can have a look?

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Hi @Tresor, can’t wait to play your game! :frog: :tennis: Yay!
When you saved your game to your PC, it will have created a file with a .sb3 extension for your project.

So one way, is you could send that .sb3 file to your friends (or put on a USB flash drive for them), so they can download it. If they go into a new blank project online in Scratch or in Scratch app, and click on ‘Load from your computer’ (from under File on top menu in the editor), they can select your .sb3 file and it should open your project : D

To share it online, you can open Scratch with your online account and use ‘Load from your computer’ to open up your saved project yourself. If you already confirmed the email you got when you first opened your Scratch account, you’ll see an orange ‘Share’ button to click (on the top menu next to the project name). Once your project is shared online, you can use the project URL to share it with others also : D

Let us know if this helps you share your game, so more people can share in the froggy-fun! :frog:

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