Your dream as an educator


Hi! I’m working to know what are the worries of educators (formal education and non-formal or after school education) with respect the incorporation of technology in our lives. A world that Yuval Noah Harari calls UTRU (unprecedented transformation and radical uncertainties). A world where they tell us that educational system has to be prepared so that children and young people should learn to reinvent themselves permanently, to be creative, critical, analytical, work in teams and intercultural eviroments, learn to learn and be able to solve complex challenges.

My question for you is as an education professional:
What is your dream and what is your biggest problem to get it?

If you are so kind, could you indicate if you belong to formal education (school) or non-formal education (after school or any other kind of alternative outsite school), please?

Thank you very much in advance!


I worked with the Bosquescuela training here in Spain and it was a new experience for this country but there is a huge need for this type of school. Many children are locked up in small rooms and recess is not a priority for them. But my dream is to incorporate the Forest school idea with the day to day public school, a Forest Friday is the least that all schools should be capable of. The biggest problem is the teaching staff being capable of going outside, dressing the children for the appropriate conditions and access to a small patch of forest, park, and greenery. It is slowly disappearing. Today is Earth Day and the schools are closed for Easter Holidays so there is a part of the problem, the recognition of this important celebration of life.

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