[Wk 6 - Reflection] I Used to Think, Now I Think


I am also interested in your thoughts around neuroplasticity. I also wonder if you you think that there are people for whom mindfulness might be uncomfortable or unsuccessful?


I just have work to share, here:


My thoughts on neuroplasticity… wwooohoooo!
How liberating that we can change our brains… my feeling about mindfulness not for all… absolutley. Ice cream is not for all… brain gym, tai chi, moving meditation, diaphramatic breathing, ecstatic dancing… not for all, but they sure work for me.
And the guilt of trying a new technique and finding it doesn’t work… not for me! That guilt part, or sense of inadequacy, or something there being something disfunctional with me because it didn’t work, really resonates. I was attending a workshop and the topic of guilt came up. It really makes me sad that someone who is already struggling has had some workshops that market a quick fix and feel like a failure because the fix is never quick, but requires repetition… and a nice fit for that particular brain, both in the type of activity geared toward mindfulness and the social group involved with that program… the facilitator’s style too. Is there some looseness with the way people can enter, and experience, or is there rigidity? What best suits the participant?

Siting in meditation makes me twitch and want to crawl out of my skin. Moving meditation, more my schtick…

Neurons that fire together will wire together, but they need repeat firings for descent wiring and if you want that myelin sheath to build, that freeway of neuron signal transport, I suspect it’s got to be a lot of firing!
The peers and play components come to mind… I have been able to change life habits when I am enjoying the activities I do with people I enjoy… my badminto crew for example! I loved being with them so much, I was able to drag my weary butt out to the gym on a week night when all I wanted to do was go home and put my feet up.

My singing group does this for me. The way I use my voice has changed, but this is after 5 years of going to 2 8 week sessions a year, and I still have not integrated a relaxed throat, and an open frontal rib cage, but I am happy to keep working at it because of the fun and laughs and beauty we create as a group of friends from different walks of life.

I think the other thing I find problematic is habit… to remember to make time for self-care habits. I am a BIG worrier… to the point where I have to laugh at myself because I worry about the harm I am inflicting with all this worry. I need to be out in natural spaces regularly, to see dendritic patterning… the jumbly ‘chaos’ of branches and forests and ‘weeds’ the skyline of mountain, or river or ocean, to know my place in the universe, that all that noise is just a brain fart and to be alive is a delicate gift. And yet, I spend weeks without walk in a wild or wildish space when there is one 15 minutes away from me.

The other thing I need is less. Less media, less stimulation from social interactions… I get so worked up, I don’t sleep through the night and That really messes me up. Some good sweaty exercise helps, and I was getting that through active transport but now we have snow on the ground, so I have to figure out something else appealing, convenient and fun. Haha, stopped in the littles daycare yesterday while they were playing freeze dance, as someones were howling and I asked if they needed me to call the
whaaa-ambulance then joined in the dancing game and was doing great until a colleague came in during a freeze momment and her “Ohhh Miss Shelly!” Made me crack a smile and lose.


Em alguns momentos eu pensava que a maneira com que eu trabalhava com os estudantes poderiam parecer meio infantis por realizar uma abordagem prática, ou por propor atividades com muitos passeios e atividades dinâmicas, mas depois desta formação, percebo que estou no caminho certo e que adaptando algumas questões e me apropriando das teorias de Mitchel Resnick e Paper, poderei referenciar minhas práticas e construir um trabalho ainda melhor com meus estudantes, pois estarei segura de minhas convicções e propostas.


I used to think that creative learning was to make something in the time. But now I think that creative learning is to guarantee their playful mind and passion as creative thinker and to maintain their making place and time in every time.In our country it is difficult to change the teacher’s mind and school’s some system,styles soon,but I think that if I had a “passion” to change these,I can do it in the near future.First I ‘d like to enjoy more to make with my students and playing it together.Because It is my pleasure to have the time of Creative Learning.
Thank you so much,Everyone and MIT stuffs.


Freedom is one thing and informed risk taking is another. Initially I used to think about a lot of different things when people talked about Maker Movement and a few questions regarding the system made me doubt if it is really going forward in the right direction. Like if people are really learning anything meaningful and how progress is occuring at different levels of learning, etc.
Now I have started thinking I think in a more structured way and this LCL course and community has certainly helped me evolve as a person…, changing perspectives about Creative Learning in a different way than before, and above all helping me discover myself and what I really can or cannot… through the projects, thoughtful conversation exchanges with the community, face to face interactions in Unhangout, course materials and the wonderful participation of people in the facilitation team… So, here I want to not only reflect on all these but say a BIG Thank you to the LCL Team for everything you did and having us as a part of it!