[Wk 5 - Activity] Take Time for Tinkering


it’s been a while since I wanted to play with node-red. So I made a sentiment analysis for Twitter posts with “scratch” ou “creative learning” using node red.


Really fun to watch the gauge move and try to read the text before it changes. :grinning: Can you explain a little bit about how this works, or what steps are involved in making?


Sure ! Node red is a flow-based javascript tool that can be used to connect IoT devices to its web interface. One can use it to control or view data from devices connected to the web using mqtt or http, and so on.

It has many boxes that do a lot of different stuff that you can connect in a flow.
In my test, I used a twitter box (first one on the left) that uses my twitter account to search for strings… when it finds it, it sends the text to a text box, and also to another box called “sentiment”. This box automatically analyses the text and score it as a negative number (negative sentiment), zero=neutral, or a positive number. This feature is plug-and-play :smiley:

This is the very basic example of node-red !!!

It has also a google translator box that can translate tweets on the fly !!!

I could use this flow to turn on a led on a device, according to the sentiment of a twitter, for instance… or make a device tweet something.

It is really fun to play with and requires very little programming.

take a look at:


Thanks! I was confused by the (turns out simple) meaning of sentiment analysis. I’m going to try nodered with wifi enabled Arduinos : )


Love that! makes me think of magicians, top hats, Alice in Wonderland ideas.


I went to two days’ camp by the SL like the old train with 1th and second grade students. After the camp one boy made SL by using the blocks in playing in recess time. And he requested to me that he want to move automatically.So I recommended by using programming and robotics kit and helped to make it together.

And he and his friends played in the recces in their class room but he noticed that it could not turn. So he requested to me again.We were thinking about this problem because these kit has not good connection parts. One day I found there were these key ring’set in school office form the police.

So I cut one part of these and make a hook to connect the both of blocks.

So It can be easier to turn than first style. We could find this in the playing time and found It is important for him to embody in his wants,especially from his playing. Then he tried to make the passenger cars on and move it together.


Oi gente,
Estou encantada com tanta criatividade. Parabéns a todos.
Atualmente estou tentando transformar um questionário de pesquisa em um jogo de cartas me traga as informações necessárias ao projeto que estou desenvolvendo mas que seja de forma criativa, lúdica fazendo com que o respondente não se sinta na obrigação e principalmente sem vontade de responder um questionário, mas se sinta em um ambiente de jogo ao ser desafiado em responder as cartas que criei para dar fluidez e ludicidade ao instrumento criado. Tenho brincado com ele com minhas colegas de turma para realizar testes e validar a criação. Utilizei a espiral da criatividade para trabalhar na construção deste instrumento