[Wk 5 - Activity] Take Time for Tinkering


  • LEGO with WeDo Motor Sensors, with Scratch
  • Reflection on the tinkering process: Making or at least trying to make a windmill and then seeing it rotate which can be controlled by a Motor sensor attached to Scratch program, gave me enormous joy and feel how a tiny program or software can be extended to the real world and used in numerous ways one of which as seen here is turning the windmill on and off :smiley:

Again ideas don’t keep flowing in and out always, so it started with mere blocks and then imaginations as to what all could be used to connect to the motor… like - can it turn a wheel? and what if it’s connected to gears… and henceforth a windmill :blush:

And the interesting part is ignition… that is one idea making others think… when a child came up with a thought of creating a shaving kit for his daddy :grin:


I am waiting to have my Occulus Rift back sometimes in December this year… after which I guess it’ll be easier to see and feel this project… and also work on some of the ideas we discussed today… :sunny: :star_struck:



Re vertical garden: we’ve got one currently stinking up my classroom. Really some unpleasant odor, so much that my neighboring teachers were playing track the stink. I’m reassured that it is just anerobic respiration from fertilizer and this too shall pass.

Its hydroponic: we’ve got ours in ‘grow stones’ so the excess water just leaks out to water the next one. They’re on a timed pump. 2.5 mins every 2 hours.


Oh LCL! It’s nice to be back (I needed a week off to get report cards done and just dial back on screen time as I get a bit obsessed) and get inspired and overwhelmed! Yet again, I’m going to have to run in the morning because I just lost track of time! How absolutely delightful! puppets, and insects, and vertical gardens oh my! beanies, geometries and iron apples oh yes!


Tinkering continued…
I had to share this. Last night I started playing with some pieces of paper that were going to be binned. I was suddenly tinkering. My 7yr daughter was very curious and asked me what I was doing, I said I wasn’t sure, she then started doing her own tinkering with the scraps of paper and we ended up with this. She made the parrot.


Thank you for these links! I’m finding this instructables DIY page helpful, and will be including it in my week 6 activity. Must disclose to LCL and all muppet enthusiasts that I had the weird privilege in high school of being taught chemistry by the real person who inspired Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. Jim Henson lived in the town and his kids were about a generation ahead of me, and he had been their chemistry teacher too. Beaker was inspired by our earth sciences teacher. Can’t wait to design muppets with students!


More play time over the weekend led to a third iteration of evolving servos. This one is a gondola lift. In this video it’s running on a battery but you can see the 200mA 5v solar panel attached to the vehicle. Even on an overcast day this was enough to drive the lights on an Adafruit CPE. Waiting for a sunnier day to see if this can drive both motor and board. Posting this here because it’s in my week 6 work, and I wanted to document that it derived from play.

foam board + hot glue is wonderful for prototyping, and feel surprisingly sculptural. I’m eager to make this as a fine woodworking project. Also interested in creating a live wire for the chord and drawing power from that (see my week 6 activity).


Great David! your prototype reminded me of this project … look at the link;)


That is wonderful trivia! Did you ever hear what the teachers thought of their muppet counterparts? IMG_0700

Just did a sock puppet workshop on Friday and loved the cornucopia of parts choices. The part that really got me was the Dracula teeth, left over from Hallowe’en. So my monkey cow now has a wonderful baboon grin. Interesting to reflect on the process in the light of LCL… There were certain parts I wanted to use, and it took me a while, just twiddling with them, before ideas came.


Cool piece of decoration @jenniferissima :smile: , I like it


Overwhelmed with the ridiculousness of some of my initial tinkerings, I combined two projects into one and named it gregor2. Here’s a video of the creature trying to walk. Hot glued the feet so they’d grip the surface.


Pure Play


@frjurado it’d be fun to polyrhythm a bunch of these, yes?


I am planning to play a little with video editing but it might take a while till I get to do that…
Be back to share (hopefully) once I do! :slight_smile:


What’s that?? It’s so cool!! :smiley: polyrhythms rule… :sunglasses:


I’ve been kind of busy for the last week, so I’ve had less time for LCL… :cry:

I tried some weird music tinkering during the weekend, but my experiments were kind of frustrating, & not something I felt like sharing (though there’s a path there I should explore further).

Then I remembered something @tarmelop said a few weeks ago:

Even better than doing something for LCL, you can reframe something that you were going to do anyway—under the LCL perspective.

(Ok, I’m paraphrasing, but that was the idea…)

So I thought about my week, and concluded that I do a lot of tinkering… quite often. This is an example of something I’ve tried this week:

It’s my first title animation, done on Fusion (hadn’t used it before), part of a little experiment I’ve been cooking—which I’ll share with you in a couple of days :smiley:

Hope you like it!


Esta vez hicimos unos circuitos de papel que nuestros nuevos amigos de Hacedores Itzel y Daniel nos compartieron. Tuvimos clase exprés de electrónica y nos dispusimos hacer nuestros propios diseños. Esta vez me acerqué al diseño de mi amiga Lucy Prim y diseñamos un Mono de Nieve con leds iluminando su nariz y sus tres botones del saco. Nos gusto mucho la clase porque generalmente no manejamos, hasta ahora, las cuestiones de electrónica. Los microbits que se compraron en Boston, siguen estando guardados.


Hola Saraih, excelente esquema de trabajo. Nosotros tenemos la misma idea pero vamos ahora implementando scratch JR y Scratch y los microbits, guardados. Dónde desarrollas tu proyecto?


Saludos Samuel

En colegio, veo edades desde 4 años hasta jóvenes mas grande, que están 17 años (ultimo año de colegio)

Gusto conocerlos he intercambiar experiencia.


Gregor 2 has a mighty perky shuffle.