[Wk 5 - Activity] Take Time for Tinkering


Thanks @feroda for sharing such a great day! This made my day as well!!

I especially liked the part:

… such a great example of how peers inspire creative projects. This is a good reminder for the importance of being open to share what you are making, and being open to let others try. Creating the environment & culture that allow this is very simple but very powerful strategy.

I am curious if you did any particular facilitation while people were tinkering. Aside from the fun and abundant materials, did you recall anything you or others did or said helped people get started?


This is an inspiring project, and a wonderful basis for group play and remixing too! There are so many diverse types of challenges to solve in building a robo-puppet, from the mechanical to the wiring to the textiles and personality. I’m going to try to remix this with some upcoming play time. Please share any obstacles you’re facing with motors that you can’t tinker your way through.


@Lily what did you do with cameras for video sensing (peripheral web cams moved around the space?), especially when mixing images front and back? and did you try any front screen projection ? This looks like so much fun. I like the giant sprite descending, like bus of tourists, on the Square.


Tinkering with Lego pieces I stumbled upon a model of my old friend the squid. I am starting to realize that I have used the squid as the main focus for my products in our LCL’s. I continue to find different versions of the squid (that in itself feels like play to me).



What were you tinkering with?
Our TV remote control that has been broken for months
Did you try anything new or different?
Instead of binning it and buying a new one, I thought I could try to find out if i could fix it.
What did you notice?
That it worked. I realised that the springs that hold the battery in place, where broken. I opened another old remote and removed the springs which I tried to fit into the remote I was trying to fix and i was happily surprised when it worked . Very exciting :slight_smile:
What might you want to try next?
Next time when something breaks I will tinker with it to recycle parts or repair it when possible. it is such fun.


I think I would like to take you both out for a brew (coffee/b33r) and just listen to your conversation.


WOW I love your project. I can envision using that at really loud classrooms and asking them not to wake the baby. I can picture their faces at the shh… without the teacher using his/her mouth. Thanks for sharing!


I’m interested in hearing about how your subconscious works on projects when you are not. I find that I sometimes dream about projects before they are solved. How does your subconscious tinker with your projects?


I love this, I especially love your comment that your apple became a tomato! Often when I am working on something it is the materials and my process that decide what the final project will be rather than myself.


I would love to know what specifically made this feel like play?


I think it feels like play because focusing on the specific object (the squid) comes from an experience that I enjoy doing and that is spend time observing aquatic organisms. From that I have felt that for most of the activities and opportunities to create I continue to come back to the squid and its several iterations for each assignment. Each assignment puts a smile on my face as I find ways of incorporating that positive experience init what I am creating. Not sure it makes much sense but that is technically describing what I have done so far.



Ha. Let’s do it. If ever you’re in Ithaca…


Not the best photo. I made a mobile using natural elements I collected on a walk in the countryside… a stone, some berries, a small stick, a dry leaf, a red petal, some thin dry grass… and some copper wire. Playing around with weight, balance, movement, dimension


I did some tinkering in the VR coding environment I started building in Week 2! Original post:

I’m in San Francisco visiting my brother so I decided to extend the tool to support his Oculus Rift. At home I develop with an HTC Vive.

The different avatar height with the Rift initially placed me underneath the ground! I found a way to adjust it, though popping my head out of the ground gave me an idea for a game project I hope to be able to make once I expand this tool! :slight_smile:

The nice thing is the Oculus Rift Touch Controllers have many of the same controls, so the existing sensing value blocks work well with it! Here’s using the thumbstick to set a box (turtle)'s color.

The thumbstick works well! Because it snaps back to the center, it seems like it could be a great controller for steering behaviors. For my next project I’d like to experiment with using the tool to make a remote control turtle car!

Would love to hear other ideas for expanding this tool or projects it could enable if anyone has any! & if any of you happen to have VR equipment and want to try it out, glad to share a build–with the caveat, it’s very prototype-y at the moment!

Ooh, and if anyone is in SF the next few days and wants to grab coffee/tea and chat, let me know!


I have been so busy tinkering, I did not have time to post until now. I have been tinkering with a laser cutter building a dice tower (a tower where you drop down one or more dices and they are tumbled about and come out in a tray in the bottom. This was my inspiration I found on the internet (browsing around for a fun tinkering project):


But it was made by hand and I wanted to make a project on a laser cutter, as I wanted to learn to know it better.

I used a drawing program called InkScape to make the drawings. First couple of tries was no good, but then I succeded in building something that actually held together and even did som engraving and brougt a couple of prototypes to gamenight:

Unfortunately it did not work with bigger dice. They got stuck. And also sometimes dice did not come out of the tower and into the tray. So I went back to the drawing board. Also I did experiment with different materials. The final version works much better:

I also include my drawing/plan:

It was a fun project and I did learn a lot about the laser cutter (and a little about dices and dicetowers)…


That looks awesome! Always wanted to do a project with a laser cutter :slight_smile:


I keep thoughts at the top of my mind.
Notice pattern, follow the good omens.

Dreaming is a good concept.
I have been using it in a model of R&D, here:


Thank for the link Xanthe! I have just ordered 3 pairs of motors :slight_smile:
The plastic parts come from a kit my daughter has - the parts are almost unbreakable and it’s very quick and easy to snap circuits together and the connections are very reliable. It was great to use the “springy” switch (reminds me of a gizmo to send morse code) because then you can just “tap” the switch to make the eye spin a tiny bit. The only issue is the bulk and the weight can be a bit restrictive when you’re trying to make something. Can’t wait to try out the new hardware when my order arrives!!


Yes, it’s amazing the range of different skills in these projects, and I really love the way that Jim Henson’s work collapses assumed/traditional dichotomies like art vs science and even men’s work (electronics/mechanics) vs women’s work (sewing, textiles) and just combines everything into an amazing expression of imagination and creativity.
I’m really motivated to try to build a whole face and work harder on mechanical controls with motors, so I’ll try to keep posting as this project unfolds. Thanks for offering to help with obstacles - it’s so motivating to have that option. That way, when you hit a brick wall you just don’t give up!
For some inspiration for the remixes check out these youtube clips. I could watch these over and over, but if you’re short on time, check out the first video especially from the 24min mark, and the second video from 4 minutes onwards. Just incredible. 24 min



Yo juego por niveles:
En el jardín con los mas pequeños jugamos scrath junior y fischertechnik, también utilizan lightbot para relacionar espacio y lugares.
Desde primer grado hasta sexo (Toda primaria) jugamos con makey makey, chicos puedan desarrollar su creatividad a través de scratch y utilizar esta tarjeta como complemento, también utilizamos mucho microbit, de este modo aprenden la parte electrónica junto con la programación, ya vemos sensores y servomotores ect,

Mas grande arduino…

Asi jugamos en diferentes temas… ya se han hecho juegos en microbit, me gustaria enviar videos pesan mucho.
Niños y adolescente lo disfrutan mucho.