[Wk 4 - Activity] Remix Something!


Simpatico! :smile:


Thank you daveywonder I saw your project and thought of making a sprite that looked like an alien to put in your project. It was a perfect fit since I have been obsessing with the squid that I saw during the summer.


Looking forward to seeing your remix! I’d love to experiment with Turtlestitch, looks like a wonderful tool


Super! I love it when a share causes inspiration!


Hello LCL,

I have remake the fsala scratch project i.e., flying tables. my remix version is

Thank you Fabrizio Sala
What inspired you about the original project?
I have inspired in his project is made scrolling backgrounds in students asked me many times hence i chose this, i have tried my own by using his script but could not succeed.hence i have downloaded and just changed the sprite.:grinning:

What did you change and why?
monkey catch the banana.found exact similar

If one of your projects was remixed, how did it feel?
feel was very satisfied because my learning/attempt has been reached someone.they liked


What a fun re-mix. The way you did it the first time works really well for my class situation, but I admire the quest for adaptability. Your quote about documentation caught me.
I don’t do it for myself often, but have found it so powerful with on-line blog based courses. Our instructor pushed us to really look at our paintings, to see what was there, beyond the lense of what we’d done and it was very powerful, both in terms of developing our eyes as artists and our awareness of our visual vocabulary.


Love your remix! I’m curious, what about the original project drew you to it?


Hi there,
I was curious about the story of La Catrina by @Vero (remixed by @smithdcrk @Mohona) and also inspired by this global community, so I tried to make buttons for language subtitles in Spanish and English. I experimented with the “costumes” function in Scratch to change the words in time with the story.
Disculpe, hay unos errores porque Español no es mi primero lenguaje!
I also missed a lot of words in the second subtitle. If anyone can let me know which words I missed, that would be amazing.


Hi ,i didn’t chang the drew,just the music.


I like the subtitles! I knew enough Spanish to follow - after a few listens. @Vero could probably help fine tune. @Vero, do you have a favorite La Catrina story?


A new experiment: this one doesn’t sound at all… :no_mouth:, worked on the UI instead, with the sprites themselves as “sliders” (y position & size).


position and size >> tempo and volume. Its great!


Thanks for adding subtitles… so easy to understand now. I was initially struggling to follow Spanish and therefore while remixing the story I wondered if the block alteration might affect the story or the way it was flowing… This is really helpful @gemma. Thank you so much!


Ok, this is my remix. I really appreciate the idea of working with the masterpieces, is a good way to know them and a source of problem solving and serendipity as I could test. Thanks Gardalake and mariateresas, I’ve told my pupils about you and we have seen “our” work in the classroom. They seemed to be very impressed but I don’t know if it was only to flatter “us” :roll_eyes:OMAGGIO A MATISSE-2 remix


So… the sounding experiment of this weekend :smiley:

I’m loving this remixing chain… :heart:


Hi Lily,

Thanks for your note… Even I am new to TurtleStitch and trying to learn the tool. For now I am browsing a few samples and taking a look at the code. E.g. the output might look somewhat like this: -

Thanks to my (newly met friend) Andrea who has a machine and might help me take a look at the final output once it’s completed.


I liked the sort of meditative quality of this project, but being a percussionist, I wanted to hear some other sounds besides the voices. With just minor additions I triggered a percussive sound to accompany each of the original intonations. I like how I can more easily hear where the out-of-phase tones are landing. Then I added a consistent bass drum on the beat so that one element can thread throughout the piece. It is fun to think about how this could actually be performed by some singers and percussionists. Here’s mine:


Fiz um remix do jogo: Sistema Solar da colega Ceci. Gostei muito. Os alunos irão aprender de forma criativa a origem dos nome dos planetas. Fiz apenas alguns ajustes que achei pertinente e tirei toda uma programação que não permitia escolher o nome do primeiro planeta. Espero ter contribuído.


I remixed some of the remix posts using a keyword extraction algorithm, and made a quick wordcloud collage of them. Projects, excitement, music, group, voices and mistakes are some the keywords: a great mix for creative learning <3


Vero me encantó tu proyecto, lo reinventé no te lo pierdas jejeje