[Wk 4 - Activity] Remix Something!


@Paola_Caneppele + @Hajer.R, Thank you both, it is so cool to see your remixes!! :smiley:

@Hajer.R I love the rhythmic loop (“dance chill out”), makes it alive!

@Paola_Caneppele So lovely, how it builds on Matisse’s composition, a different kind of harmony :slight_smile: makes me think too of this painting by Kandinsky, of his colorful impression of a concert.

and thanks to @mariateresas for the inspiration to create from a painting! :paintbrush:


Those arrows are great! Reminds me of the many paths of learning :slight_smile:
I like how the colors going in order results in a kind of pulsing of the gradient.


Ok, I tried remixing the remix… Not sure about the moving targets (difficult to get them sometimes), but it was fun anyway… :smiley: There’s something here to keep exploring… :grimacing:

Thanks to @Shelly_Sharp & @Xanthe_Matychak for the original projects!


Hi Coleen! Did you click “share” on your project (upper right of editor)? For me, the link leads to an error message. Looking forward to seeing it!


I’m remixing an old landline telephone - the aptly branded “Panasonic” - as another music making machine. The photocell next to orange LED creates feedback loops, and allows one to modulate sound by introducing additional sources of light or shadow (a purely switch-driven music machine doesn’t seem so exciting…). Output is driven through the phone’s two speakers (ringer and earpiece).

Next steps involve wiring in the phone’s keypad. If things go swimmingly I may see if something can be done with the microphone.

EDIT: I sincerely wish khanning’s Arduino-Scratch work on ScratchX was still viable on Firefox. With this kind of project it seems one faces an either/or of MakeyMakey-to-Scratch (switches only) or the unScratched microcontroller. Hopeful that 3.0 will provide a needed bridge in the physical computing space.

Week 4 in the Community!

I made the game “Santa gathers stars” inspired by @lotinac_74’s “Platform game”.
Remix urged me to explore others scripts. It led new discovery and learning.


Sorry for the error. It is listed as shared.
I just recopied the link.
Try Again?


Hello Peers!

For this week’s project I remixed Scratch 3.0, making a “functioning” cardboard version of it!
People can move the Scratch blocks around to make their own scripts, and the wearer can move the cat on the stage using a magnet behind the scenes! It can also say hello and even meow!

I’m part of T550, a wonderful class at Harvard where every year we dress up for Halloween. This year’s the theme was cardboard, and that was very challenging because I felt overwhelmed by the possibilities and didn’t know what to pick. After exploring many possibilities (including being a duck or a kazoo) I ended up being Scratch!

The most exciting thing I kept from the “original” Scratch is programmability. I wanted to make sure that people could combine programming blocks and see the cat moving around or making sounds. One of the things I had to change is the set of available blocks: I had to choose which ones made sense for the cardboard version and the ones that couldn’t work – for example, I had to remove “turn 15 degrees” as I couldn’t make the cat rotate using the magnet, or I couldn’t use the “forever” because the paper version doesn’t expand when you add more blocks inside!

Also… my past week’s Scratch project was remixed! It was very interesting to see that the author used the idea of the “falling pegs” in the remix, because that was something I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to keep. This reminded me that we never know what part of our work resonates with other people, and motivates me to share more, even the work I’m not super proud or convinced of, because it can be (surprisingly) inspiring for other people.

Week 4 in the Community!

CAnt wait to see it!


Cool. Will you share a Video demo?


Hi Vero… not much but I did very little change towards the end of your project by adding a block that would allow the song to run till the end … as long as the motion works in all the sprites… …I was so deeply touched by your voice and the rhythm in which it was flowing that simply couldn’t resist myself in remixing to give it a nice finish…
Feel free to make more changes if you like and we can may be work together later on to make it more like a movie… oh by the way… I must thank Likes2Weave as well for your innovative idea of adding scissors right beneath the animated letters at the top row… Wow!



In the Week 4 - Activity other than remixing a lovely project “La Catrina” created by @Vero and @smithdcrk (Colleen) / @Likes2Weave, I am also working on a remix of one of my previous projects created in Week 2 Activity [Wk 2 - Activity] Make Something!
by working collaboratively with another friend of mine who has worked on TurtleStitch.


I remix the project of “Flock of Ghost”. I hope you like it.


Week 4 in the Community!

Great idea to do with my pupils. Greetings


Thanks, @frjurado for the remix

I made a remix of yours but that brought me back to my original which i have tweaked here:

Your remix inspired these changes or planned changes:

  1. SIMPLIFIED MOVEMENT. I agree that the movement needs to be simplified. And I have done that though I would like to fine tune it much more (I barely know what I’m doing here!)

  2. ADJUST TEMPO with KNOBS. It would be cool if the tempo of each sprite could be adjusted by a “knob” rather than going into the code of each sprite to manually type the desired tempo. Thoughts on this?

  3. ON/OFF. I’d like the user to be able to toggle each sprite on/off with a click - this must be easy but I haven’t figured it out yet


I remixed Unstuck Day 13 by @dalsdorf.
Instead of producing lines of moving circles that disappear after a while, now it creates clusters on the stage when you click the mouse.


Hi Carmelo, responses on (1) the cardboard Scratch game (the /halloween URL didn’t lead to an easter egg :cry:) (2) the remix of your falling pegs project.

(1) Quite interested in what blocks you chose to include in your magnetic costume because . . . I’ve been designing a 3.0 board game for kindergarteners to use as an introduction to the different families of Scratch programming blocks. My goal is for students, without any additional support, to develop associations between colors and functions, and to develop confidence as coders: willingness to experiment rather than ask for direct guidance, etc. What has been challenging for me, from a design and pedagogy perspective, is that the static nature of the board is largely opposed to the wonderful dynamism of Scratch. Were your design constraints similar? (I’ll tag you when I finish and can publish the board game.)

(2) I made the remix that you mentioned of your falling peg project. Grateful you did not remove the falling peg (and delighted to know you considered doing so) as that’s critical to what I wrought. Your conclusion, “we never know what part of our work resonates with other people”, really hits the mark. I’m not sure what you’d want to know about my remixing experience but in this case I remember: the space bar feature of your project wasn’t working for me (may be the obscure browser I use); I deleted most but not all of your code and was determined to build on the bit that I kept. My two rules were to work with only one sprite and to make a clock (“a cyclical irk”). I focused on getting the one sprite to 0,0 and then moving a clone some distance from there, returning, turning, repeating . . . this didn’t produce a desirable effect until I minimized the distance, when I was working with centiseconds. At that point I loved what I saw, abandoned both of my stated goals, duplicated the sprite, and built something that visually reminds me of many things. As one example, I was thinking about communities - family, religious, school - and the energy that sustains them and the corpus/es of each. I’d be happy to share more of the remix experience if you have specific wonderings. Everything comes from somewhere, and knowing when a making is complete is a visceral experience for me.

P.S. since you mention T550, and since it was Halloween this week, here are some spooooky coincidental facts :jack_o_lantern: My wife and cruise director is evidently working on something with KB, as I learned when she invoked my Scratch username at home : ); I was in Billund when the LEGO ducks surfaced ; and . . . wait for it . . . you and I rode in an elevator at MIT after attending the same event and meeting with the same people. :ghost:

Cheers from west cambridge

Week 4 in the Community!
  • I remixed the beautiful I :heart: LCL Scratch project by @tarmelop. The original project uses one sprite and clones to create an amazing animation specifically for a heart shape.
  • I thought why not make it generalized, so that people can draw ANY shape and see different sprites dance on their own shapes. You can draw hearts, stars, letters, leaves, all, or anything.
  • I think this has been my most thought out Scratch project so far, and I feel proud of it! Thanks @tarmelop for inspiration! Here’s my remixed project:


Week 4 in the Community!

This is wonderful. I can imagine people who are not interested in Scratch enjoying the experience and then becoming curious enough to want to understand how the program works. :smile: