[Wk 4 - Activity] Remix Something!


Peers collaborate in many different ways, for example building on each other’ ideas.
That’s why this week we invite you to create a remix!

Choose one of the projects shared on LCL in the past few weeks (or any other project that inspires you) and create your own version of it. You can remix anything: it can be something physical, a poem, a recipe, or a Scratch project!

Post your remix here and thank the author of the original project.
What inspired you about the original project? What did you change and why? If one of your projects was remixed, how did it feel?

This post is also available in 日本語, Italiano, Português BR, Español.

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We are in my country, Mexico, celebrating a huge event, one of the most colorful traditions, “Día de Muertos”, “Day of the Dead”

I decided to make my own version of one of the emblematic characters of these parties, and I drew myself to The famous Catrina, I wanted to honor its author, telling a little of it´s history.

I made it in Scratch, if you want you can remix my project, maybe all together can make a story like the movie Coco, which deals with the same subject.

This is the link:

Week 4 in the Community!

Sharing something to be remixed. Go nuts:

I like audio loops and polyrhythms. If any peers want to collab on that theme, hit me up

Week 4 in the Community!

Grazie ad @Hajer.R e a @Lily :wink: !

“L’Escargot” is a collage made with scissors and paper by Matisse (Le Cateau-Cambrésis, 1869 - Nizza, 1954) in 1953.
I replaced the brush with an hand, because Matisse could no longer paint, and so he had found an alternative technique!
The work measures 2,864 x 2,870 meters and is held at the Tate Modern Gallery in London.

Why did I add music to this opera?
Because the colors chosen by Matisse are not random, but “vibrate” with each other (he chose complementary color combinations: red / green, yellow / mauve, orange / blue). The alternative title of this composition is in fact “The chromatic composition”.

From what it is understood that it is a snail (= escargot)?
From nothing realistic … it looks like a child’s work!
In reality the body (blue) has been enlarged, the head corresponds to the green shape. And then the other spiral sheets recall the idea of the snail.

Week 4 in the Community!

Tu pieza me ha inspirado para animar un papel picado como hicieron en Coco con tu hermosa Catrina.

Your piece has inspired me to animate a papel picado like they did in Coco with your beautiful Catrina.


Esse é um projeto de um canal no YouTube com alunos do ensino médio.
Eles são divididos entre: Diretores, redatores, câmeras, iluminadores, artistas, apresentadores.
Tenho me sentido muito empolgada com os resultados, os alunos tem se empenhado em gerar conteúdo de qualidade dentro da nossa escola, apenas para compartilhar conteúdo sem a preocupação com notas.
Segue o link do canal:

Esses são alguns vídeos produzidos por nossos alunos.


Me desculpem os erros no texto, ao traduzir a página ocorreram esses erros e não consigo editar :disappointed_relieved:


Hello every one, I try to remix this project from( [savlation])


Thanks both of you ,i did remix too :smile:

Week 4 in the Community!

Brava @Hajer.R !


Thank you, La Catrina is an icon in my country, you can find her in many pieces of art, murals, ceramic, disguised, she is so wonderful, the meaning of death and life… I adore her.


I took @dalsdorf’s project and changed the sprites. I thought it was really intimidating but I figured out the code and was able to make some modifications (for instance, instead of changing costume randomly, it goes in order from 1 to 3).


Grin. I am part of a singing group where we play with sound and tones that aren’t always in harmony.

Week 4 in the Community!

Wow Vero… I loved your animation project :smile: and your voice added a different angle to it! very pleasing…


why does that make me giggle? Im easily entertained, i guess. love the remix!


Here is my remix of @Vero Catrina. I had just watched Coco this weekend for the first time and loved the story and animation techniques. I had also added the Spanish Language version to my watchlist as part of my plan to regain my former Spanish language skills. I have enjoyed reading the posts in Spanish on the LCL boards.

La Catrina (3) remix papel picado

Each papel picado Catrina dances slightly out of sync with her neighbor on purpose.

Week 4 in the Community!

I hope people keep remixing… It would be really fun to have a variety of voices… I am introducing remixing to my 3/4 class. We could give it a go next Thursday. Having the goal of trying to get clear recordings may help us be quiet. I am making no promises as they are a challenging group.

It is funny… I thought I was doing a clear vowel sound but there is definitely some consonance in there. Been focusing on mouth shape and sound during our singing classes… nothing like a recording to give accurate feedback on performance.

One singer I really enjoy is LP,, I love the control and power of her voice, and her whistling. She was one of my favourite performances at Osheaga music festival this summer.