[Wk 3 - Activity] Make Something with Scratch!


This is my first foray into Scratch. I have know about it for a while. But, I have always found it difficult to get to get to grips with. I have tended to use Kodu and MicroBit as my creative tools of choice. So I have promised myself I will do more with Scratch, hence my participation on this course. I thought I would start simple and recreated an activity that I first got me interested in LOGO and all things Turtle. It’s simple, but I like it, and dare I say it, a little proud of myself. I will definitely be scratching a lot more :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed this project! Tried to remix it into a timekeeping device. Sadly I wasn’t able to achieve my goals with only one sprite. The title is a reference to a painting I spent a lot of time around many years ago, by Richard Pousette-Dart. Thanks for the inspiration!


I’ve never before talked to my computer so much.


I care about changing school. I try to link Scratch with the curriculum because I think Scratch is the key for changing education paradigm. I teach humanities and the “low ground” of Scratch enable me to code enough to follow my pupils on their ground and to learn with them. I get boring if I don’t learn, am I a selfish teacher?


Grazie @Hajer.R e @Lily :wink:!


I have been exploring Scratch Jr. since LCL and decided to work on the same program. Here is a bit extended project I had been completed. As I am new to this, there are lot of mistakes you may discover in it and I am sure I need more experimental work onto this program for a better product! However, I haven’t completed this project alone but my two school going boys helped me a lot too. They are also new to this program and I involved them because my intension was to grow their interest in it and see how much effort kids can put. I am happy that they engaged themselves with a lot of interest and developed good ideas about coding. We worked hard together on this and the credit even goes to them as well behind this project completion! Often I lost my patience while I wasn’t working on it and facing lot of challenges and that time, they come up with new ideas of considerable solutions. So, you can say it was a group work and I usually love this awesome strategy while teaching and learning happens. It was easy to think the next scenario while we decided our first one, but made us frustrated many times while we tried to structured them accordingly. We had to change and reconstruct instructions again and again as it was not working always as expected. To do that, I had to work cooperatively with my kids and we had to restructured our plan of instructions. Now, we are fan of this program and planning to explore and experiment the harder version “Scratch” soon. Below I have attached the images and the video of our invention on “Scratch Jr”.

Video link: Here




Finally got some time to sit and create a project… sharing a few things related to passion or rather exploration of my path to hunt for my passion!

I enjoyed coding in Scratch after a while :blush:


@Lily Did you see this show at the Gugg? Thinking about going tomorrow. I’ll be in Manhattan for ze day


No I didn’t realize they were featuring af Klint’s work! I will have to check it out! Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,
this is a little code about a diffusion of substances process. I did this code during a course in the University of Trento. If you use this code, you can count the number of shocks and you can determine the pressure .


Week 3 has been my toughest LCL week so far… Not only were we dealing with a topic that takes me out of my comfort zone “Passion” but I felt I had to make this awesome scratch project (undue pressure).
I ended up making a game for my almost 4-year-old, using scratch successfully with her for the first time. She chose all the animals in the game. I normally use scratch for programming hardware with my students and haven’t really tinkered with the creative part of it much so this was a really good opportunity to explore that. It will also help me connect more with my students when I show them that I to can come up with some creative projects.

I still have to figure out how to make the game interactive, so it’s a work in progress but the challenge is quite fun.


I recently bought a Bokashi Bin and a worm farm to try and cut down the amount of waste our household is sending to landfill. Citrus and onion aren’t good for the worms, so we have to put those items in the Bokashi Bin. I was getting so frustrated trying to explain to the kids what goes where, so why not make it into a game to get them interested? We ended up working on this Scratch project together. My 9 year old liked to help code and my 6 year old liked testing the game. They both loved recording the sound. My 6 year old was amazed to recognize things from our house in the photos. We are all really proud of the end product!


Cool game!!


Hi Nyagaki,
How amazing that you are using scratch with such a young child! When you mentioned making your project more interactive I thought about the sensing blocks for asking questions and collecting answers. Here’s one idea (although it’s limited to users who type and I haven’t thought about incorrect/different answers).


Olá, gostei do teu projeto e fiz um remix…
Hi, I liked your project so I remixed it!

Bem haja… Thank you!


Thanks Gemma! I love the sounds addition to it. Best thing about this is that with time, I can develop even more games with my kids and they can make them even more complex. Can’t wait for her to learn to type. It would actually be interesting to see whether she would adopt typing faster than writing…


Here’s the 9-year old and I figuring out how we could get Scratch to do the maths homework … passionately bored of doing tables :wink:


Fue una experiencia muy padre, al ser la primera ocasión que usaba la aplicación se me dificulto y fue necesario recurrir a compañeras que ya tienen mas experiencia. Puede parecer lo mas sencillo e insignificante sin embargo para mi represento un gran reto, el cual para crearlo tarde casi 1 hora 30 minutos, finalmente lo logre y eso me satisface. El realizar mi nombre me ha ayudado a mostrárselos a mis alumnos como parte de la situación de aprendizaje que nos encontrábamos trabajando respecto al nombre propio, el observar les motivo ha querer realizar el suyo, así mismo el buscar alternativas para familiarizarse con su nombre. Soy fiel creyente de que Scratch Jr, es una excelente herramienta para potenciar los conocimientos propios y de los alumnos.


Great work !