[Wk 3 - Activity] Make Something with Scratch!


My project is LEGO TYVEN (The Lego Thief). I did the programming, but my son (age 6) did the design and gametesting. We startet out with Lego on the floor, where he build the idea of the game. We then took photos of the main characters and the treasure and I did the programming. He also did the speechparts and the gametesting :wink:


The project i made has to do with music which is one of my passions. The last few years I have been learning about the different music scales and modes which are commonly used in Greek traditional and folk music so i made a project about a particular music scale called xitzaz. One can listen to the scale and explore it a little bit using the keyboard.

Unfortunately I have not yet found a way to keep the note playing for as long as the key is pressed which would make it a much better simulation, but i’m still looking for a way to do it.


Thanks Francisco!


Sooooo… I am a teacher-librarian and I have a rule (that I made, so my own fault) that I need to read every YA book that we get in to make sure that they are appropriate before they go on the shelf. Anyway, the * of some of them was getting to me so I stopped and make this video. I needed a sample for a storytelling unit fora class and also, it made me feel better about reading all of those books. :smile: My moment of joy was figuring out the vector thingies (I realize it didn’t make a difference to the video but I was so excited). The challenge was the timing of it all but in retrospect, I totally should have used messages instead of wait blocks.
(Before you click, be warned that this is NOT fancy at all).


Thanks - I thought the GU prompts were really excellent. They were completely accessible to anyone in the first several days and then spiraled into greater complexity.


This is a nice work, the color and the Animation is great


Hello everyone, here is my scratch project;
I was motivated by the thing I enjoy most, doing yoga. the most fun part was to think of ideas to deliver this project, i haven’t used Scratch much but I have enjoyed using it to create animations. I found it frustrated that i run out of time so I had to create this very quickly so I wasn’t totally happy with the final animation.
I thought about not sending this week’s task but after all it was about what I love yoga, so I made an effort to finish it and send it.



A little bit late but… here it is:
It’s a basic game made just to test how to make scrolling backgrounds in games.

I supposed that it was easy, because I did many times in other languages, but I soon hit an unexpected limitation: the Scratch coords system makes it impossible to let sprite scroll “completely” outside of the screen.
Yes, it has been frustrating at first.
Also, because I observed that the visual side effect of this was largely dependent on the shape/colours of the sprites, mainly of the scrolling background.

Then I started trying out some workarounds: I surrounded front sprites with transparent areas to let them appear all with the same size (to simplify costume changes!) and limited the movement of background sprites.

Finally, I had something good to show out… and it’s rewarding! :slight_smile:


A quick animation about something that I deeply care about which is the condition of our marine environments. On my last post I commented on my last scuba adventure. The amazement I got from looking at real living creatures in the wild being accepting of this really bad swimmer (me) in their environment. My motivation comes from being in the presence of something so unique, massive, beautiful, and fragile. The frustrating part was that I wanted to draw my sprite and my clumsy hands did not allow me to come up with what I had in my head. Also as always the time constraint is always the frustrating part for me not because we do not have enough time but my lack of management. Seems I did not learned my lesson last week (in fact it got worse) we will see if the week provides me with the opportunity to make amends.


I was inspired by the project of @mariateresas (here) and decided to experiment with a piece of art I liked in Scratch. This painting is by Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) and inspired also by experiments by Eric Rosenbaum (colleague here in LLK). I wanted to be able to “play” the painting with a brush, mapping each color to a note to create chords.
I was initially disappointed because my code was creating a terrible noise, sort of like an overburdened amp, but once I switched from “play sound” to “play sound until done,” that improved things. It still isn’t quite as melodic as I would like; I might experiment with adding some wait blocks. My experiments were motivated by my desire to mirror the visual harmony of the painting.

Here is version 1 (plays scale) and version 2 (plays chords).


It took me a while, but finally… here is my project!

I’m very inspired by everyone in the LCL Community, and this project is a way for me to show my appreciation and gratitude to all the people who are contributing with passion to this project. I also wanted to keep challenging myself in making Scratch projects that give my hard fun, so I tried to see how far I could go making a Scratch project with only one sprite.

I experienced many moments in which I was about to abandon this idea and make a different project. For example, after working for long time on making the heart with pegs falling from the top, I started questioning if other ways might have been more compelling (and I tried a couple of them, but none of them felt particularly nice). When I showed my work in progress to some friends here (including @shruti) , I was surprised to see their enthusiastic reaction and that gave me the energy to keep working on it.

Another interesting moment was debugging the “space bar” effect, where the heart breaks into pieces and comes back together. I wouldn’t describe it as frustrating, because I enjoyed working on that even if it was hard (and hard fun was exactly what I was seeking!). Also in this case, people around me supported my motivation. For example, having @shaanmasala was sitting next to me helped me debugging, as simply articulating to him my problems helped me understand them better and solve them.

Ok, after all this work and reflection… I really hope you enjoy my project! :slight_smile:


I found the mic on my laptop thanks to your program I just started snapping my fingers until the screen changed. People looked at me like I was crazy because I loved how the screen changed every time I snapped my fingers so I started snapping my fingers at the laptop for a good while. Certainly served as therapy and made me giggle as I interacted with it and my surroundings.


its so simple but so satisfying, right? magic snaps!


Love it. Melody is overrated!


I was inspired by your pattern of ghosts. And I was thinking about more chaotic pattern but still led by rules. So I’ve created Flock of Ghosts - clones following the leader but when touching each other they try to separate. It looks like flock of birds. Thanks for inspiration!


A minha inspiração para este projeto em Scratch foi a “Criatividade”. Sendo ligada às artes a criatividade sempre fez parte do meu dia a dia. Há uns anos fiz mestrado em educação e desenvolvi um estudo correlacional sobre o pensamento criativo.
Alguns anos volvidos e ainda muitos os que não sabem realmente o que é a criatividade, ainda que ande de “boa em boca”.
Avaliar o pensamento divergente e o individuo criativo é uma tarefa aliciante e simultaneamente complexa.
Tentei clarificar um bocadinho a ideia de Criatividade e Individuo Criativo através do Scratch…

Se tivesse mais tempo haveria menos palavras e mais imagens!



This is the beggining of my project on Scratch. I am not a very techie person. But I was curious about how it work. My 3 year old motivated me to start creating a ilustrated short story that I tell him every nw and then that he loves and that I invented. My movement of frutration was not been able to make the child smaller. But what made me persist on the situation was that there were plenty of choices to redirect the goal.


Oh wow! I love the interactive element you added here. Very nice!! :+1:


Hi @Dione! Could you click “share” in the upper right of your editor? Right now this link goes to your own editor view, so we can’t see it. Looking forward to seeing it! :slight_smile:



Comparto el enlace:

¿Qué me gusta crear este proyecto?
R / Uno de mis aficiones siempre han sido los videos juego, que mas que el clásico Mario para remontarnos a los primeros juegos de consolas donde disfrutamos con este personaje histórico.

¿Puede describirse un momento de felicidad o de frustración?
R / Uno de los momentos de la frustación era jugar con el sprite que cada uno se ejecuta de acuerdo a lo que quería hacer con los movimientos.
¿Qué le ayudó a persistir ante estos desafíos?
R / Terminar el pequeño desafío, ver el trabajo finalizado.