[Wk 3 - Activity] Make Something with Scratch!


This week we invite you to explore Scratch by making a project about something or someone you care about. For example, it can be an animation about one of your favorite hobbies, books, or places, a video game featuring your pet, or a greeting card for someone you love…

Make sure you share your project on Scratch and add it to the LCL Scratch Studio. Then, reply to this post by sharing a link to your project, a short description and a reflection about your process.

Here are some guiding questions: What motivated you in creating this project? Can you describe a moment of joy or frustration? What helped you persist in face of challenges?

If you are new to Scratch, take a look at some resources to get started. If you get stuck, or if you need help with your project, ask a question in the forum or in our Slack channel.

Have (hard) fun!

PS: We suggest you explore Scratch, but feel free to use any other medium. After all, it’s passion week! :wink:

This post is also available in Italiano,日本語, Português, Español.

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Here’s a Scratch project I made during Getting Unstuck. Although it’s not brand new, it’s very much current in that I continue to work on derivations from this concept, both in Scratch and in other media.

The project is noteworthy for two reasons: first, I had strict time limitations in making it (during coffee, after waking, before work), and had no goal other than to make something beautiful (there was a GU prompt, but it was quickly forgotten); second, the project led to unplanned discoveries (a tautology?), and thus provided wide walls and a high ceiling, including for students who have joined in the remixing.

The most exciting discoveries subsequent to this iteration were (1) that I could have a better sense experience by tracing on a trackpad without pressing down, using x/y location of mouse, and (2) that I could make a shadow sprite - what I thought of as an agent - to track the cursor’s x/y location after a slight interval. In later iterations I also divided the stage into 5 “bands”, vertically, and correlated each band to a musical note. You can search the remix tree to find that and other variations.


I’m quite happy because I made my own beautiful greeting card for my parents. I am so blessed to have two loving supportive parents, and I don’t show my appreciation enough.

I also wanted to try out the Scratch 3 Beta. I really liked how easy the move from Scratch 2 to Scratch 3 was. But oh no! After spending my lunch in the Beta, I realized that I could not share from there! Solution: screencastify to capture the card, upload that to Youtube, and download the .sb3 file so that later I can upload it to my account.

So without further ado - here is my greeting card!

Here’s the video of it running:
And here’s a link to the sb3 file if you want to download it and make your own version:

I think this mini-project reminded me how much I like Scratch and how often, the difficulties we face are not the material we are learning but instead the barriers that other technology, systems, or people put into place.

I’ll probably work on this more this week. I’m not yet happy with the movement of the leaves and would like to research a bit to see if I can get a more realistic drop function working. :slight_smile:


sound triggered color change

Eh, I don’t use scratch much but I made this silly thing 5 years ago.

When you shout or clap or make loud noise, the color of the screen changes. Nothing too deep going on here. I’m just playing w hands free inputs.


This is my project, using Scratch as presentation software: I wanted to do this because I usually use Scratch for teaching kids how to code. I really admire the artistic projects but I don’t have the patience for that. The first code I encountered was BASIC, so my coding projects tend to be very linear.


My doughter was very excited about learning some english words (english is not our native language). So I’ve created kind of coloring book which tells her name of color in english when she selects it. She was very excited that I’ve created something just for her and that was my moment of joy. My dougther watching me and asking for more animals was great motivator. And also I just wanted to know if it’s feasible and how to do it as elegantly as possible.


So I was inspired by another maker to try and make my own visual art piece that relies on rotations of objects to make it look like a giant machine of sorts. But then I thought with Halloween coming up, I’d make it with spooky ghouls. The background makes you feel like you are in a vortex of sorts, and plays a trick on the eye. Visual Project


That’s the dream!

Nice & mad project :smiley: I also started the Getting Unstuck challenge, but quickly dropped off because of time limitations… But definitely something I’d love to return to.


Yeah, sadly 3.0 is still an island you can try out, but it’s not connected to the rest of the world (yet…). Sorry you didn’t realize it before, hope you enjoyed your experience with it though, I really like the feel of 3.0 :heart_eyes: Soon we’ll have it as the main editor!


Nice :slight_smile:

An idea that might simplify things as you go on: instead of having different sprites for the texts on the blackboard, you can have those as costumes within just one sprite, and then change it with the “next costume” block.

Hope it helps!


I really like this project. It reminds me a lot of a digital Lite Brite.


Of course! Thank you for the suggestion.


What motivated you in creating this project?
I would like to express myself & My interests
Can you describe a moment of joy or frustration?
my joyful moment is collecting images
What helped you persist in face of challenges?
No challenges but want to explore some more blocks to make my project more creative


I did a small project in Scratch using Shapes.It’s about animation in shapes.I hope so you will like it.


Hi i did small project in scratch, i hope like it:)


Here is my theme postcard (I’m a beginner):

Scratch - HALLOWEEN2

What motivated you to create this project?
This was one of my first attempts.
In this first phase, for me the motivation was given by the curiosity: discover some functions / potential of the Scratch tool to create something “personal”.

Moment of frustration
At the beginning I had inserted too many elements, and the postcard was too confusing (sounds, lights, movements …).

Moment of satisfaction
Search and insert backgrounds and sound to customize your work; reduce the elements to the essentials.
Unfortunately in the version suggested by the link was missing the “toolbox”, but I discovered that the commands can be duplicated and copied by dragging them on the element (landscape or character).

What has helped you to keep up with the difficulties?
I relied on some tutorials (PEERS are fundamental!)
I tried and tried again to get certain effects.


I liked your project so much I remixed it!


I love this! The colors, the animation. It’s great!


This is great! I actually jumped!