[Wk 1 Reflection] Pick a P!


I personally am most excited about play, because I think too often our approach to new projects becomes so laser focused on the outcome that we miss all the fun along the way. However, for this course, I’m most excited to dig into the Peer aspect, because many adults face the same challenges children do in learning how to get along and collaborate on projects.



La pasión de las cosas en la vida que te impulsan a superarte y a ser mejor cada día, si como docentes sembramos la pasión en nuestros alumnos y en nuestras aulas, el aprendizaje creativo se dará por si solo, si un alumno crea o aprende con pasión hemos logrado la máxima posibilidad de que el alumno tenga un aprendizaje creativo significativo, por su propio interés y no por obligación, la pasión en el aula y la vida es de los sazones mas importantes de un ser humano.

Sembremos pasión en nuestros alumnos



Passion and Purpose = Success.

I strive to develop passion and purpose in my teaching. I have students work on project for a specific purpose that are designed around their passions and interests.


The idea of “play” indicates that students are allowed and encouraged to try and make mistakes, which is probably the most important part of creativity.


Adults play but they just call it something else. In education we call it “Critical evaluation” :slight_smile: I woud choose Passion as without it learning is an uphill struggle.


My number 1 pick has to be PLAY. That is what we are missing in our Schools, and perhaps a lot of other places as well.


I love Pandemic :heart: It was the first collaborative board game I played, and the vibe that it creates on the players is so different than on classic competitive games… Thanks for sharing!


I have to say Peers. We have a lot to learn from others, it’s impossible to do anything without collaborations. It’s in the interaction with our peers that we learn, that we build and grow our projects. Without our peers we are nobody!


Las 4 P´s, es un método que debería llevarse a cabo también la vida diaria, facilitaría muchas tareas y en el salón de clases mejoraría por mucho las dinámicas, ya que se realizarían experiencias, las cuales son más fructíferas para los alumnos.
El qué me llama más la atención es el juego, es complicado relacionar algunos temas con juegos y es un reto que me gustaría llevar a cabo.


@EVE , es verdad que tu P favorita es la Pasión, pues lo demuestras en cada una de las acciones que realizas, además de lograr que otros sigan tus pasos. Felicidades


I definitely agree with you - making mistakes is such an important part of learning. When we play, having fun is more important than being right. Many jokes are funny because they draw attention to misunderstandings or multiple interpretations, which can lead us to have a deeper level of understanding.


Pois percorrer a espiral da aprendizagem criativa é desafiador, mas dentro do projeto é um ensaio necessário em busca do aperfeiçoamento.


Hard to pick one since I’m Passionate about all of them! And they fit so well together.

It is interesting to imagine what it looks like to have one, two, or three Ps without the others–learning to diagnose which of these are missing in a given learning experience / environment in order to find ways to make it whole feels valuable.

I’m especially excited about Projects, and curious to find ways to enable and encourage project based learning throughout my work. In learning environments–especially classrooms–projects feel like an enabler to the other 3 Ps. It feels difficult to engage passion, peers and play for all students at once within a framework where students are all doing the same thing, or bite-sized one-track things. Thinking back, the experiences I had in school that engaged Passion, Peers and Play were open-ended project-based.

Thinking through the pairs, Projects provide a springboard to Passion (letting participants invent projects they’re passionate about), Peers (letting them work together and help each other out) and Play (the open-ended nature of projects encourages open-ended play to conceptualize and realize the project).

Interesting reflection exercise!


To me, definitely PLAY. I think that this is a really important part in learning


Pienamente d’accordo e aggiungerei che gioco e voglia di scoprire e d’imparare sempre cose nuove vanno di pari passo. Io credo che quando perderò interesse per il gioco e la scoperta avrò perso la voglia di vivere e sarò vecchia.
Ma spero non succeda mai!:occhiolino:


Non saprei decidermi tra Play e Passion.


For me it has to be Passion (all the other Ps are important as well) but without Passion I find it easy for kids (and adults) to give up or slow down when they encounter obstacles in what they are playing with.
If someone has a Passion for the project and play they are involved with then hurdles are more enthusiastically approached and concurred because they believe in what they are doing and believe they can succeed.



It’s the P I’m most excited about because of its role as enabler.

I recently co-directed a ‘self-directed learning centre’ in Ottawa, ON and what struck me most was older children and teens’ playfulness. Many learners joined our centre because school had contributed in some way to internalizing disorders / symptomatology (e.g., depression, anxiety). Those same learners’ parents could hardly believe how much joy their children found in a non-coercive learning environment. Without external pressure (and through unlearning internalized external pressure, /exhale), they were able to connect with their peers (!) and simply play. Sometimes that meant producing music together, writing a screenplay, heading to the park, role-playing in games like D&D, or doing something less apparently playful to somebody who’s never seen in that way (e.g., having a good conversation). Play often, but not always, led to projects (!!) that were truly student-led or, at least, student-changed-for-the-way-better. This experience also reminded me that play and passion (!!!) are absolutely interconnected. Playfulness, intrinsic motivation acted upon, is what distinguishes passion from obsession.


Vero linda, muchas gracias por tu comentario, lo aprendo de tí



Es la clave principal de mi trabajo, me apasiona enseñar y lo hago siempre basándome en el JUEGO considerando que el nivel educativo es Preescolar los niños se interesan, se involucran, comparten y aprenden aun más cuando se divierten