[Wk 1 Reflection] Pick a P!


on my first round of LCL, not long ago actually, I replied to this saying I was interested in Projects. I still am and I’m happy I’ve been able to develop new ones with my students since then, but now Passion really intrigues me. So important it is to find out what you are passionate about, I was thinking about it today, after a situation with a teenage student. It changes completely when they have something to work for, when they are able to understand the process they have to go through in order to achieve something in which they’re genuinely interested. It gives everything meaning, I like to say Passion makes it easier to go from A to B to get to C.


I chose Play because I work with younger children and feel that it is the most important “mindset” or strategy for helping younger children learn. I’m afraid that in some instances play is pushed out and that in my setting of a library/informal education location that I can help to protect Play as learning.



Play play play play play!

you find your passions when you play!


I will definitely go with play. Play is fun, makes us laugh and be more creative because when we play, we are open to experiment on unconventional things since no one is judging!


Mi interessano soprattutto i progetti perché per me è un modo per confrontarsi e discutere ognuno delle proprie idee


Mi interessano sopratutto i progetti, perché per me é un modo per confrontarsi e discutere ognuno delle proprie idee


Mi ha colpito di più il ‘progetto’ perché è un modo per confrontarsi con altre persone e mettere insieme qualcosa di straordinario.


Mi ha interessato molto il gioco perché é un modo per poter stare con i bambini, per crescere e relazionarsi!


In a way, the four Ps are all the same thing, as they are intrinsically entwined. Even before reading the article, I had already decided to vote for Play, as I feel playing throughout life is what creativity is all about! T


Buenas Tardes a Todos:

Les comparto que la P que yo seleccione, fue la la PASIÓN , porque eso es lo que me empuja todos los días, en todos los ámbitos de mi vida, es lo que siento en mi alma y me ayuda a materializar mis proyectos y sueños.


I’m very excited for each of the 4P’s, however, Play is the one that I’m particularly curious about, as it is a natural process for human beings that, as we grow up, we forget, and we should never do so.


Eu escolho o P de Projetos , pois tenho paixão por projetos e estou cursando MBA nessa área.


I think all Ps are equally important. But I will pick ‘Project’. I think a well design project can have all the Ps. A Project that is playful and provides opportunities to collaborate, work with peers and led by passion that helps to find answers or achieve the goals of the group. I think sometimes experiences feeds or triggers passion, which drives us.


Pensando no aluno creio que pensar brincando seja mais importante para desenvolver os outros Ps, mas o professor precisa ter Paixão para desenvolver projetos.
A fala de Susan Sluyter " Eu descreveria o momento em que vivemos hoje como tempos de provas, coleta de dados, competição e punição. Aquele que quiser encontrar alegria e diversão nas salas de aula de hoje enfrentará muitas dificuldades", retrata a realidade da maioria das escolas de educação infantil. As crianças não brincam mais ou brincam muito pouco, as atividades são padronizadas e todas direcionadas.


I will go with peers. Human beings are sociable by nature and we all need to learn since childhood how to work together with empathy and respect pulling out the best of everyone else,


Passion for me…When I am passionate about something I do/create it’s like a second source of energy for me that brings me much further then I am able to reach.


Best of luck with protecting Play - I think that’s a seriously important task! Just want to add that it’s not important only for younger children. In my opinion the best “mindset” or strategy for learning/teaching maths is “playing with thoughts” - regardless of age :upside_down_face:



I have been a science and math educator for some time now and have generously promoted the use of technology in the learning process for children. I found a lot of great quality work on learning (and specifically science learning) on the internet - YouTube and similar portals. While these learning materials work best with the motivated learners, a question which has bothered me is how do we aid those learners who do not find passion for science?

How is passion developed? Is it important for the learning process? Can we develop passions by looking back at our individual learning paths?


Ho scelto la parola gioco perché da bambini penso che sia l’unico modo per rapportarsi con altre persone.


A me piace il gioco perché mi piace stare in contatto con i bambini.