[Wk 1 Reflection] Pick a P!


Play e Passion…

Porque brincar, na minha concepção, tem a ver com gostar de viver e fazer o que se faz.
E paixão, também pela minha perspectiva, tem a ver com se entender parte de algo maior e transformador.

Acho que sem isso não conseguimos trabalhar junto e muito menos em projetos…


Play… perché giocare è una cosa seria, e può attivare la passione, promuovere la condivisione tra pari, partendo da un progetto!


Passion would have to be my P.
Maybe this is from a more selfish point of view because over the years, I have found that I ‘can’ be passionate bout a lot of different, many times unrelated things, especially if I’m good at them. I’m interested to learn how to differentiate between things you are good at (even if it’s just natural talent) and things you are passionate about.



Passion provides the motivation, the driving force. Without it, we are unlikely to persist through serious challenges and setbacks.



And passion as well. I am interested in creating projects that incorporate passion, peers, and play in effective ways and can help learners continue in their own creative spirals :slight_smile:


Maybe rigid would be a better word. Without play, we become rigid. It is amazing how a really good play gets so many things flowing and flexing.


I had a very necessary and not always palatable course so I could get my provincial teaching license: history of Quebec education. Reading legislation is not my idea of a good time… our prof intentionally gave us way more work than we could do individually. He instructed us to get together, to divide and conquer then share the information. After that first class, when we had struggles we reached out to each other and study partnerships developed into friendships. It really made important but dry work much more palatable.


I can’t pick just one. They all feed into a healthy spirit, and they fuel each other. The love and support of my peers help me keep on course, my passions quiet my noisy over thinking brain and fire my soul. Projects give me a profoundly sweet sense of satisfaction when I have created something that is good. Play. I so love to play. I play with paint ( my passion), I am playful with language and ideas, with visual images that are kind of like puns or jokes. I love mischief. Not harmful mischief, but spirited fun. All good stuff.


It seems that all P’s are very important and connected to each other. However, the most preference of mine goes to Play, because it is the action part. This part is always very realistic and real life situation. It is more practical and help me to engage both physically and mentally. When someone is engaged it means you are going through some excitements with many ups and down situations, but it gives the ownership of something that helps to feel proud! Play always develop skills of application when our brain process the most by seeing things through different dimensions.



Play would be my favorite P, because this is where your ideas come to life and you get to improve on your original idea/project.


In this four magical words , I had chosen a “Project”.
As my Opinion is that “Project based learning” is one of the best way to bring up the children in unique way. When they gathering information for their project is to glimpse this to make real-world connections by consulting local newspapers or websites .An Evident is that to invokes their self confidence, Interest level,Mental skills,Computational thinking and adroities.


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some PassIon, some comPassion, some humor and some style.” - Maya Angelou


I will have to choose Passion. I think it provides the energy and enthusiasm you need to make things happen.


Paixão move o ser humano a fazer coisas incríveis, precisamos de paixão para trabalhar. pra ensinar, para aprender…


I would like to go with Passion
why because!!
I am working with age group between 14-35 as part of my job,I have interacted with students & adults.hence I found to follow our passion is very difficult task,I would share example of myself I am passionate about learning new languages & Travelling & explore new things ,frankly saying I have tried only one but I could not achieve it completely.
Hence I would like to understand how “passion” will help in the process of LCL


All 4 P’s are so related and important that it is difficult to separately choose one. However, I am a kind of person who loves following her passion and when I am surrounded by people especially kids, I can engage them quite well into acts and we find great fun interacting with each other and playing. So I would opt out peers, passion and play and rather go with projects which I really need to learn more about, from the LCL team and the community. I want to see how experienced teachers and researchers would engage us in meaningful projects to drive us forward along the path of learning something new… I am super excited to learn more from each others’ Projects! :slight_smile:


While it is hard to choose just one, I find I am leaning toward Projects. Many of the goals I have set have been originally defined as projects. I get really excited about new projects. Granted, it is Passion that fuels the project and keeps me going when I hit obstacles. I am not an island, so I tend to gather Peers into my projects. For me Play is the Joy.



I think it needs to be mentioned more in our school curriculum but does it need more definition to enable teachers to feel confident enough to let their children just ‘play’?


"We think of play as an attitude and an approach for engaging with the world. We associate play with taking risks, trying new things, and testing boundaries. We see play as a process of tinkering, experimenting, and exploring. " …so yes! Play.


Passion. My curiosity extends to whether we can instill passion in learners for a subject when the skills are not innate. Success sometimes creates a momentary passion for students, but for me a real passion would continue to drive the student forward without further stimulus. In my experience, it exists in a select few in each subject as the year progresses. How do we make passion contagious and keep it going?