[Wk 1 Activity] Childhood Objects


What drives me is my curiosity. I can’t help but wonder why or what if. So I would say, my object that helped me explore for a moment was a snorkel. I was snorkeling while attending a camp, and I had never snorkeled before, or been in a place that truly felt so free, underwater. It was up to me what I chose to see and what I chose to do, so I followed a sea cucumber. I learned how it moved and what it avoided. In that moment, I just let my curiosity take over, and I learned so much about this world we live in and myself in it. I never forgot that moment.


I’ve been thinking about objects from childhood for a little while and I end up coming back to wooden blocks. I recently moved back to the house where I grew up and it is full of memories of building things all over the place. When I think about it, I was not building things, I was building stories, the blocks and learning about shapes, spatial relationships, physics, maths, all of that was secondary. All I cared about was talking out-loud and imagining all the possible stories that could happen it the things I built.


My favorite book as a child was Harriet the Spy and as soon as I started reading, I decided that I needed a tiny notebook of my own to jot down the happenings in the world around me - that small world was basically what my sister, parents and neighbors were doing as a tiptoed around being a spy. I still keep note of the world around me and enjoy biographies and personal experiences that people share more than any other writing or news.


El objeto de mi infancia que influyó en mi vida, fue la bicicleta que me regalaron a los seis años.
Al principio tenía miedo de lastimarme, mi hermano mayor me animo y cuido de mi en lo que aprendía.
Esto me ha ayudado a lo largo de mi vida, ahora se que no importa lo difícil que parezcan las cosas, si eres tenas y constante puedo lograr lo que quieras.


As a child I enjoyed spending time with my dad in his workshop making things. The space was filled with all sorts of tools and materials - reclaimed and new - to disassemble, create or fix things with. He regularly built stuff for us or disappeared into the basement with something broken, only to reappear a while later with some perfectly functional monstrosity :wink:
Today I have my own workshop to make stuff for and with my own kids :slight_smile:


One object I remember is getting a small set of Tinker toys from a holiday party where all the kids received something. I enjoyed creating and making different things. image


When I was child i used to play with some barbies and baby dolls playing make-believe. I had loved play imagining to be a teacher, teaching my students with my black board. I had a pogo ball, that i really loved challage myself going up and down stairs.


Mi juguete de la infancia que influyo sobre mi fueron 2 tipos: libros en general. De mis papas, de su universidad y los mios propios de cuentos. Asi como tambien los juguetes de que tenia que eran pequenos y como relacionados con categorias. Por ejemplo, carros, barbies, personajes de un mismo cuento, etc. Entonces mi juego consistia en ordenar y organizar todo por semejanzas o vinculos. Me pongo a observar que hoy en dia, yo opero mejor bajo el esquema del orden y la organizacion. Asi como me encanta leer y educarme leyendo sobre varios temas y cada vez que veo un libro me emociono y quisiera tener todo el tiempo del mundo para revisarlo y aprender de el.


When I was a child the most significant object I had was a lavender coloured teddy about 6 inchs tall. I no Longer have that teddy bear, as the bear disappeared during a dark time in my life, however, I can still see that bear, and feel what this bear meant to me as much today as whenever I held and slept with this beloved bear when I was growing up.

The bear represented family; being adopted there is much that is lost and gained. My sense of identity was represented by that little well-loved teddy bear, which I held in pride of place with me for many years. The symbol of family and belonging in a world that challenged and questioned my right of identity, my right to family. To this day whenever I think of my Lavender Teddy Bear, it brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my spirit.


When I was a kid, I used to watch this show called ‘Backyard Science’ and I used to love seeing kids as old as me do cool things with “everyday” objects. The reason I have put everyday in quotation is because living in a country like India, the everyday objects used by the children in the show were not everyday objects for me at all and in fact, sourcing most of them used to be a headache and I often gave up trying to do the activity all together. However, just seeing those children make stuff happen helped build my confidence. Also, since they always explained the scientific concepts behind their experiments, I remembered a lot of things from the show and recalled them when I was taught those concepts in school later. I regret not pushing myself to find alternatives to the experimental materials which could have helped me learn so much more. Unfortunately, I also never thought of asking my friends to do any of their experiments with me. Play and peers were missing from the 4 Ps.

Here is the cover image of the show:



I’m Thomas – a learner/designer/educator form Austria. I’d like to share something I actually rediscovered just a few weeks ago: let loose and forget about time and space with P L A Y .

When I was around 8 years old I was very impressed by my fathers guitarplay. It was not professional… I could instantly tell. But the groove came from the heart. He told me many stories about the bands he was playing with in the late 1960s… and he showed me some photos of that time and even had some old tapes to listen to.

Wait: my dad played in band!? They looked like The Beatles!? It was so cool… He had to show me… and it was so exiting to learn and make progress… I clearly remember the moment when I could play my first three chords from my body-memory. I discovered many songs – from Rock to Punk – with these.

Writing this down is so nice. Many memories come to my mind. I think I could start a book here. (No worries: I won’t!)

Anyway… somehow playing the guitar, bands, stages got in the background and finally disappeared from my life entirely. I started my career and stopped playing. I even sold all the gear.

When I recently read Designing Your Life (Burnett; Evans 2016) I thought: well I don’t have an overload of play in my life… what could I do to make a change here. I made a list and what resonated most was: go and buy an electric guitar – you always enjoyed playing a lot.

Well, I went to a local instruments dealer – I even was a registered customer there still (after 25 years!). When I entered the shop I felt something changed within me. I liked it. I grabbed a guitar and tried it. It felt so good. And tech has changed a lot: I now own a new guitar and a digital amp that emulates the sound of huge stage amplifiers and renders it to HIFI-Quality for playing at home. I can even play, when my baby-daughter sleeps. I can play along songs from my playlist…

On the day I bought all the new stuff I wanted to quickly test if everything works fine… the next time I looked down on my watch was 2 1/2 hours later. And I can still play along most of the songs from back then…

Thank you for reading.

Best, Thomas


Here is a blogpost I wrote about an object I used to play with. The blogpost explains why the object is still so important to me. I hope you like the post, but you may like to have some tissues ready…


@ricardo_oux My grandmother had legos like this at her house. I think they were my dad’s. They were packaged in a tall cardboard cylinder with a tin, friction-fit top. I loved making buildings. and how those windows swung on hinges - killer feature!!!


Yes @Ginny_Alex I had a pair of chicago skates. They are loaded with meaning for me. I grew up in the 80s. My mom and many of her friends were the first big wave of divorced moms carving out their own path. They took up jam skating with shimmry tights and sparkly headbands. And they brought their kids along. A symbol of empowerment and freedom for me. The music too! I have a spotify playlist called “roller skating” - might as well share it here!


Yes plain sheets of paper, is what i most remember from my childhood. My mother used to bring me her used paper which would be printed on one side, so unusable for them, but good enough for me. I used to write the script for movies I saw and also made card games I saw on the TV.

One of them being, Yu-Gi-Oh. My brother and I made most of the cards and dueled each other, which often ended physically over disagreements.

Also, tried to emulate board games I saw over my friend’s place, also made some cutouts and made them thick with gum for some shadow puppetry I had learned from a book I had borrowed from library.

Most of the things I mentioned have been thrown out by my mother now, hence no pictures. :sweat_smile:


yes indeed



I think that every object, surface or space of my childhood has meant an opportunity for learning, as it happens to many here I liked to unravel the mechanism, discover its operation, in a dangerous balance between destruction and discovery enjoyment.

I remember that my classmates did not leave me their pencil sharpeners because they had seen me disassemble and reassemble mine. I did not understand why, since the object was already discovered and I did not need further investigation with their pencil sharpeners.

It can be said that this object had a great influence on me. In Spanish ‘sacar punta a algo, sharpening something (sacapuntas=pencil sharpener)’ is to take advantage of something beyond what is supposed to be useful. That has haunted me all my life. See the cite below.


“… they look at the world as anyone would, but see things that another person would not see, and beyond that, they crave to know what they do not understand, fix what does not work, and change what they do not like.”


Hi everybody my name I Raffaella I live in Italy, have just participated “Getting Unstuck” and I found this course was remarkable, I was in LCL the previous years and appreciate follow it once again
It is so easy to follow, and is fun to make exercises and look at other’s projects.
They gave me, and give every time so many tricks and ideas and is an important stimulus to do more.
LCL gave me a thirst for knowledge and understanding more deeply the new way of deal with education, treat different activities, store information and give meanings to different approach of learning. I do not really know what I will get from this new course, I assume I will be satisfied and my mind will be once again shake in a strange and maybe exciting manner.
The most loved object in my childhood was LEGO without doubts.


Ciao, sono Elena, e la mia passione sin da piccola è sempre stata la costruzione con i Regoli, perché potevo modificare qualsiasi cosa che creavo. Ogni volta mi sbizzarrivo usando “regoli” di diversa misura e colore, aprendo sempre di più la mia creatività. Un altro oggetto che ho amato tantissimo era la plastichina, stesso motivo dei regoli. Nella vita mi è sempre piaciuto modificare le situazioni a piacere mio per ricavarne qualcosa di migliore o addirittura unico (dove era possibile). Vi mando un caloroso abbraccio. Elena.

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We spent many a warm evening playing badminton. Our favorite time to play was at night – difficult to see the birdie coming, which added to the excitement.