[Wk 1 Activity] Childhood Objects



Hello everybody! I am brazilian and I grow up in a small town (Conselheiro Lafaiete) at the State of Minas. The picture show the “Pinos Mágicos” (magic blocks). It is a low cost toy that was so important to me when I was a child (and nowdays :slight_smile: ) because it stimulates my imaginagion and creativity. I use to build robots, spaceships and spent a long time with my amazing fictional world.


For me Duplo came to mind. It was one of my earliest ‘toys’. I took it everywhere and just used to disappear under the table to build things.

My story as to why I loved is is that I struggled to make sense of the world when I was young and these simple lego bricks just made sense to me. They are tactile, it is obvious how they work, and yet they can be used to create anything. In terms of the 4 Ps:

Passion - I loved creating and building things
Projects - they was always a new project or mission to solve
Peers - I would love sharing with other kids
Play - I definitely lost track of time

I guess there is a reason this is one of the few toys from my childhood that my parents didn’t give away :relaxed:


Hello. I´m Zaira Grostieta. I live in Mexico City. I´m 30 years old.
This are my childhood objects that I love the most.
The first one is a little box that I have since 1992. There, I keep my first legos and my first star wars figures, some McDonalds toys, a Star Tours baseball, little leds, and other curious objects I recolected through out my childhood. I keep it safe because all this things remind me of everything I have ever liked, the stories I created with those objects and what I used to imagine in those years. Every time I feel sad or without ideas, I open it and remember all those memories, then I feel better with myself.
My other toys are my first Woody and Buzz friends, I was 6 years old when Toy Story came out, so it is a story that marked my childhood and career. I studied a major in Animation and digital arts, only because of this guys. Woody and Buzz have been with me since then, the values they have thought me, the memories we have, are ingrated in who I am as a person. I feel so happy to have studied an Animation Career, so I can create stories and creative ways for others to tell stories too, and make them feel and remember their childhood as well.


My object is gambling cards :slight_smile:

I used to build really high towers with my dad and both him and I were really addicted to play with them. It was a never ending journey for me which needs concentration, coordination, balance, and for those times great symmetry. I grow up as a calm and patient girl with great ability to focus, a well developed hand-eye coordination, understanding of 3 dimentional geometry, sensitive motor skills and with the ability of handling challenging situations. Wow, I realize all of them as I start to think about it. That’s wonderful!

Besides, playing with cards was a way of having great time with that and sharing the same feelings as if we are the members of a team seeking for the gold medal :slight_smile: So, now I realize that it helped me build teamwork.

Lastly, I learned a lot about the symmetrical balance and 3 dimensitonal geometry that I was always good at and enjoy solving such problems. However, I learned about asymmetrical balance at design school which made a big change in my understanding of both 2D and 3D geometry and structures. Actually I love playing with colors and sizes and shapes to create balance in many different forms.

Thanks for the activity!



This was the object that changed my childhood. I was fortunete, my parents spend a lot of money (now i know that also with a lot of effort) and buy this computer machine, the Amiga 500. It was like the Ferrari of the computers: video, music, an amazing processor.

It helps me to understand how the computers work, how can i use this piece of electronic to become a musician (a great audio chipset), a designer, a player, a programmer…it opens me a world of possibilities…even without internet!

It really changes my future, that was the reason to become a programmer.


That’s a super powerful experience to have in childhood! I love the toolkit “armed” you and help you feel strong. that’s the best what a tool can be.


That is a very beautiful text.
The river is very powerful for me too. I did not grow up by a river, but spent a year with my university Kayak Club and met my best friends and had my best moments. For about 6 years, I would return home to the Yukon and go on a paddling trip with my dad and other friends. The fly in trips were the absolute best. Just us and the river and the land for 6 to 10 days. That is when I get grounded and all the noise of conflicts and frustration dissipates and I am reminded of my place in the world. Just seeing the current flowing gives me a profound sense of peace. Kind of ironic. I’m a terrible swimmer and hate having my face in the water. Our canoeing motto is “Open side up.”



I was able to spend hours building something from these bricks. And almost every time I was building something from my imagination. I’ve got sense of measures, 3D, stability, creativity and much much more. Also I was able to express my inner world - aliens, spaceships, cars, robots…


16X6 LEGO Plate.

I received the Kit when I was 10.
I may have built the kit once, maybe twice and then I lost all the interest for the horses, flowers etc…
Though, by stealing bricks from my brother’s plane set, I built thousand of different studios for my mini figure on it.
I was triggered by the tiny size of the piece, for a 10years old me it was very exciting and challenging solving the living needs of my mini figure in such a small floor.
I grow up and I got a degree in Interior Design… :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I remember when My dad brought home a zipline when I was young and he strung it between two trees. It was so much fun to play on but what I remember about it most is that we had to build a box to stand on so that we could reach the tall end in order to zip across. We used to use this zip line box to create all kinds of imaginary play. We were spies and pirates and all kinds of other things. It was not so much the zipline itself that made it wonderful, but the process of putting it together and creating solutions to make it work that gave us ownership of it and allowed us to feel like we could make it anything we wanted.


Thanks for the comment prof_Mara I guess it could mean I can be dependable as a truck (I might not be able to carry heavy objects but I can figure out how to get it done).
Thank you for the input



I remember with special interest a set of building blocks that my brother bought, it was called Armotodo and it was designed to build houses. The blocks were bricks with anchor points so you could build walls or structures attaching them to one another, the set also included doors, roofs and windows. I remember to spend a lot of time building things with it, I also remember the texture , they were kind of grooved on the sides.

I think it was a very versatile object that allowed itself to be used in different ways and to be interacted with other toys, the same object could work for different purposes, maybe this is one of its principal advantages.


I had a lot of favorite toys and places to play. I grew up in an “old” neighborhood, in an old house with a, perceived as kid, immense garden. Especially the part farthest from the house, that never really was tended as was a mixture of old trees and weeds and places to build castles and dig trenches and play all sorts of games where essential for my childhood. Of course there was also books and Legos and then that christmas in 1983 when I received my first computer - a ZX spectrum that I used to teach myself programming and played games on for many years…



When I was 6 years old I received a beautiful golden colored doll at Christmas, it was a gift from my father’s work. I was very excited because I had always wanted a toy like that, I called it Pelusa and it became my playmate. My mom kept it because she said she would get dirty; but my dad took it out on Sundays and gave it to me, and the nicest thing is that my dad played with me and Pelusa, invented stories and voices for her. Unfortunately it got dirty and my mom washed it, my poor Pelusa was ugly, the golden stuffed toy disappeared and they told me to get rid of her, but I did not accept it. A few years passed and I learned to knit, so I decided to make a new cover, a kind of baby clothes, it was nice. Now Pelusa has several clothes and is still beautiful, she is already 52 years old. What did I like about my beloved Pelusa? Two things, playing with my dad and having saved my doll with the ability to weave. I currently work with children and I feel that this experience helped to choose to be an educational psychologist. Thank you!


What most times comes to my mind are my 4-wheel skates; I really enjoyed skating through the streets, choosing my own routes and imagining different games or worlds while I did it, it gave me a feeling of freedom and happiness and that is what I feel now in my work, where I can free my creativity and imaginationi460032442
(These are not muy skates but I’m sure they would look almost the same :-P)


My take is that it is a way to get you to connect to yourself as a child. In order to tap into our creativity, we need to spend sometime reflecting on the world as it was when we were children, mystical, wonderous and full of opportunity. I think that you’re note that it is hard to choose one object reflects the point that “we” were attempting to make here. Children naturally engage their environment creatively. We can thoughtfully return to that way of looking at the world (and objects) around us.



Starting with the spoons at home, I used nearly everything as a microphone. I was presenting my ideas on ‘the kitchen stage’, singing my gibberish songs… I was not only speaking, but I was also thinking out loud. I believe, it helped me a lot in building self-confidence. I learned that it’s ok to be in struggle sometimes and there is no need to hide behind the curtains.

Now I look back and realize that the memories, while I was sharing my story passionately, are unforgettable.

Thanks for asking this question btw, I found myself in a deep dive exploration to my childhood memories.


For me, Sign Language was the premier object of my obsession. The visual language gave me a way to express my self, with out words. It has taken me around the world, Africa, on stage at church, Brazil, and now I am in Panama looking for deaf children to share this incredible language with them! [1493302854|690x353]


Hi I’m from Peru. I remember that game! I loved making many figures with my brother. It was wonderful, thanks for showing it.