[Wk 1 Activity] Childhood Objects

A minha infância foi muito interessante, pois tive a oportunidade de brincar com vários objetos. Gostava muitos dos objetos de construção como blocos de madeira, ferrovias, carros, mas nada me fascinava tanto quanto os carros de lata e as pedras e buzos que serviam de “gado”, era um brincadeira que chamávamos de curral! As pedras eram os bois e os carros as transportava. Ao mesmo tempo, fazer construções, edificações eram muito interessantes. Assim, penso que o quê mais esteve presente foi o processo criativo e transformativo.carro%20feito%20de%20lata

O objeto que marcou minha infância foi brincar de fazer teatro e depois o piano. Hoje percebo que esses dois itens contribuíram para meu desenvolvimento cognitivo ampliando minha visão para outras dimensões da aprendizagem. O teatro me ajudou na comunicação, na criatividade e em procurar sempre outras formas de resolução de problemas. O piano me trouxe o raciocínio mais matemático, a organização, a afetividade e o sonhar.

So, mine is kinda cliché. Barbie. But actually not just the barbies themselves but the stuff, all the stuff that I could find to play with. I had the airplane, the house, the mcdonalds. But none of these were more fun than just picking random stuff to make up as furniture, scenario or accessories. I loved playing with barbies because I love inventing stories. I made very, very elaborate stories for my barbies, I had like scripts that I shared with whomever I was playing with before starting the actual play. They were terrible stories but they made me invent and imagine. I liked to pretend I was someone else, that I was a rich superstar, a housewife, a scientist that was going to rule the world. It was my happy place and I stayed up all night playing. Not surprisingly I started drama club when I was 9 and stayed until 18. Nowadays I just do the same thing that I did with the barbies before sleeping, I imagine stories from start to finish and come up with ways of living the best life.
In the end, it helped me with exactly what I’m doing here, imagine and create. Before sleeping I keep imagining ways of teaching history as a role playing game. I just firmly believe it so much better to live the stories rather than just to listen to them!

Hi, my name is Rana.
I used to play with wooden clips with my two brothers to build roads, bridges, car parkings, houses… It was my favorite way to create new things and build our city !

Grow up in China, one of my most favorite game is the Aeroplane Chess, such a fun time played with my brother and cousins, there are lots of discussions with the teammate on how to win the game, the strategy on the move etc., through playing the game, we learn cooperation, communication, it’s a social game indeed.

Buenas buenas a todos!!! :slight_smile:
Pensando en esta actividad me di cuenta que el objeto de mi infancia era el TV porque en el podia ver mis dibujos o series preferidas, las cuales me trasmitian muchas emociones… acá les dejo una de las que todavia hoy busco escenas en youtubeobjeto%20ni%C3%B1ez

Esto influyó mucho en mi, ya que me considero un autodidacta que le encanta aprender viendo videos, de tutoriales, conferencias, experimentos etc… es mas asi llegue hasta acá a LCL… saludos…

Three come to mind: 1) acorns and pinecones in the back yard. I use to play every kind of adventure game you could think of with my brother and sister. 2) rocks at the beach: for several summers in a row, I would play ‘rock store’ with my brother and sister for hours. we would break open rocks and set them up in our store like precious jewels and then buy and sell between each other. 3) eraser dust: I loved collecting erasers. I would bring them to school in a box but then I started to collect the dust that was created once they were used. Here is a picture of the special box I collected it in and the 40-year-old eraser dust that is still in my parents’ attic. IMG_1679 IMG_1680

tenho vários brinquedos da infância que são especiais. Sou de uma família grande onde passávamos as férias escolares todos juntos no sítio. eram muitas crianças em idades diferentes.
Me recordo muito de brincar de casinha com as minhas primas. Montávamos uma vila para brincar. Era bem divertido. Pegávamos caixas para fazer os móveis, usávamos mesas, cadeiras e toalhas para montar barracas.
Essas brincadeiras refletiram muito em quem sou hoje.
A procura por como montar móveis me fez achar e imaginar como ficariam através de materiais diferentes.
Até hoje uso muito a criatividade na resolução de problemas do dia a dia e da vida profissional.

1988 , Argentina. My friend was lucky enough to get a Commodore 64! A real computer! What blew my mind was that we were able to play cool games with joystick and in colors. I remember I was 8 yrs old and the only thing that I kept thinking again and again, what else I could do with that computer. Great memories!


Plasticine used to be my favourite object to play and explore with. I was able to make any shapes out of it. Just holding it made me feel empowered eager and excited.

I used to love my doll’s trolley! I would spend the day taking them to a stroll. I must confess that the gears of the wheels have never called my attention (sad maybe hahahaha!) but the wheels gave me lots of good times when I was a little girl! image

I grew up in São Bernardo do Campo, a city near to São Paulo. I was a very mature kid and my mom decided to have another baby when I was still a baby. My parents were very permissive, and let me and my brother explore the world around us. I had different interest from him, but we supported each other in our exploring. We shared a lot of ideas and tryed to build fossils, learn how electricity works, how fire works, how cars work, we build objects with recycled material and created stories with our toys.
I can’t think in only one object that changed my views over the life, because we were all the time discovering and trying new things. But, as I learn how to read when I was 3 years old and have never stopped since then, books were part of my world since I was born. So, I think books changed (and keep changing) the way I see the world. I helped me not only with academic learning, but also solving problems, building stuff, drawing, searching and with social skills. Thanks to this taste, I build my own shelf with my brother and father, I planned it, draw it, bought the materials, prepared them to finally build it.

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Hola. Revisando los objetos que marcaron la infancia de cada uno de ustedes comencé a reflexionar sobre ¿ Qué objeto había marcado mi infancia? Y recordé las muñecas de papel que se recortaban. Recordar estos libros que traían muñecas y vestidos me trajo bellos recuerdos. Fueron las que me marcaron para desarrollar historias llenas de fantasía y por supuesto divertidísimas.
Muñecas de papel

Certo natal ganhei uma câmera de brinquedo e quando fui tirá-la da caixa, no exato momento que a ganhei, deixei-a cair no chão. Uma parte cilindrica onde ficava a “lente”, se soltou, e foi essa parte que se tornou meu xodó, pois era similar a um objeto de observação, uma luneta, algo assim. Utilizei anos e anos para observar pássaros do quintal de casa! :slight_smile: