[Wk 1 Activity] Childhood Objects


This is my little duck. I got seriously sick one week before my mom gave birth to my brother. I stayed 5 days in hospital, alone, because it was not allowed anybody to stay with the kids. I was only 5! My mom convinced a nurse to help her to enter there and see me, hiden, for a while everyday. My mom took me the duck to be my friend, he’d take care of me, talk to me, and I would be well soon. I used to talk to him all the time, he was kinda real person for me and helped me to get better to wait my little brother. I used to teach him, he was a great student, very smart! My mom’s a teacher too… One week later was out of the hospital and my bro was born. I shared the duck with him and with my sis as well. She was born 2 years later. We are best friends… The duck? He’s still with me and it will be… He’s my first great friend and helped me to get better sooner as I could expect.



I was very interested in dolls when I was younger, and I loved playing make believe games of real life situations, like school and house. My very favorite baby doll named Megan was a water baby – literally a doll filled with water! But this made her feel all the more real when I would hold her and dress her. I always liked when my siblings or friends were involved in these make believe games too. This definitely translates to how I learn. I am always looking for the reality in what I am learning, and how I can apply it to my life right away. And I still like to collaborate with people – I definitely learn by talking through things! I also think my love of playing realistic games speaks to how I think. I am definitely a dreamer, but still want to try things that I am not yet capable of.


When I was a child I had a toy called “Little engineer”, it was smalls wooden pieces that i could build houses, castles ans towns. I loved to play with that. Today with 26 years old I would buy one to play at home.


Hello Everyone!

I was (am still) (always will be) (still feel like I am) a child of 80s, My first joy was transformers, and I was a lucky little boy whose parents gifted an original die-cast metal Optimus. I was fascinated how they moved and changed, and thought about the mechanics behind it.

In my early years as a Boy Scout (cub actually) and participating in KubKar rallies, I was discouraged from the art category and forced to work on the regular race category, but remember seeing someone make something like Optimus.

I high school shop class I made a giant stereo rack glueless wonder that can piece together.

What strikes me as how much this influenced me is when I purchased my first car as an adult, I could imagine it transforming, where leg hinges are, how the arms rotate out from the undercarriage.

I’ve encouraged my students to always try to look at objects in an “exploded view” and exercise their imagination to wonder how things fit together, and what they might look like when taken apart.


I loved to make a Mini 4WD which was sold by Tamiya Inc., one of the Japanese manufacturers of plastic model kits. This kit includes some parts of plastic model racing cars, a motor and grease. I enjoyed assembling while imaging the accomplished figure. After completion I played racing with boys. As they have lots of know how about motors, gears, and grease, we discussed how we could race our cars faster.

[Wk 5 - Reflection] Playpens and Playgrounds

I also like ZOIDS sold by Takara Tomy, a Japanese toy manufacturer. ZOIDS, as a coined word derived from English “ZOIC ANDROIDS”, are assembled toys as a motif of animals and dinosaurs with a gimmick such as walking and weapon operation using a motor. In the 1980’s I enjoyed the process of creation and imagined the story those animals/dinosaurs fought and won the evil. Because there was a small person and operated the animal/dinosaur inside ZOIDS, I imagined as if I were inside and did it.


[Wk 5 - Reflection] Playpens and Playgrounds

My object is a cotton reel I would play for ages with it. As I grew older I added elastic and made it move :slight_smile:


Hi! i was reading the comments and I saw a lot of coincidence. I think that my Object was my Playmobil. I created a lot of histories and I try a lot of roles. It was a way to be a Police, Hero, Villain, Car and all kind of dreams. I transformed every thing in another and the weapons were Tools and a car was a boat.

Thank y


As a kid, I was first obsessed with Legos and then my parents got me this bigger version of blocks which allowed me to create human-scale structures. My imagination ran wild from castles, chairs and all sorts of designs. This allowed me to customize my environment up to my imagination. I could be on it for hours at a time. Ever since I can remember, when the “what do you want to be when you grow up?” question was asked around, it was a no brainer for me, an architect. I eventually grew up to earn a Bachelors and a Master’s degree in Architecture. The influence this childhood object had over my life later on is more than obvious.



Gracias!! los voy a leer!


I cannot help but be cheeky and ask if you have designed the interior of a tiny house yet?
I am only partly cheeky. I love the creative use of space. Murphy beds are the best especially when light to lift because of counter balances.


do you have any idea where to get them in North America?


@tarmelop HI Luke, I think it was tarmelop who posted an artist’s super photos of laid out components.


Love “Open side up”


Yes! I love the idea of “exploded view”!
(It also reminds me of the “see inside” that we have in Scratch)

Here is the artist I was referring to:


I grew up in Bramdrupdam, a very small town in Denmark. My father was a great “tinker” even before this term was used. It was in the 1960 th , and he made almost every thing himself - building the house where I grew up, making almost everything work again - even when it wasn’t broken. I learned in an early age to dismantle almost everything - from bicycle to radios, and one of my greatest joys was to build and drive my “Soap car”. Luckely where several kids - older and younger than me. We drove our soap cars downhill in races, and competed who could make the best, fastest, nichest soap Car. I ended up with soap Car with an electric motor - the cord was a challenge.


Meu objeto foi um pula pirata, ele ainda está comigo! (Kkkk) meus filhos brincaram com ele!! E hoje pertencem às minha netas!
Através dele reuníamos toda garota e fazíamos competição de quem fazia ele pular primeiro!
Um lembraça de um objeto, que já dura seus 45 anos!
Brinquei muito com ele e ainda brinco com
minhas duas netas, uma de 3 e outra de 5!
Já aproveito e trabalho noções básicas de Matemática! (Kkkk)


Nunca tive um pula pirata. Mas meu primo tinha um. É um brinquedo bem divertido para brincar em grupo. Como você trabalha matemática com ele?


Hola, mi juguete creativo era hacer los tira fichas con los que pasaba horas jugando con mi hermano mayor, recuerdo que aplastadas se iban mucho mas lejos y teniamos que conseguir ligas resistentes para que no se nos rompieran, era un juego muy divertido, ahora que lo veo pienso que peligroso pudimos golpear a alguien, pero bueno nadie salio lesionado.


us too, especially when that is how we’ve travelled on the river… I am so grateful that my dad has a very good brace, especially when I’ve miss-maneuvered!