[Wk 1 Activity] Childhood Objects


My favorite objects not in my childhood , now in my seniorhood, Ha,Ha, Ha


My special objects were Seashells. I was obsessed with them. I collected them , researched them. Spent hours displaying them in various ways, visiting museums to find out more (no internet back in the 70s). Family holidays were an adventure to add more to my collection. Which I still have BTW. This led to a passion for learning and sharing that learning with others. Hence my career as an Educator. It has also fuelled my interest in patterns and shapes, especially creating these using technology with students. So I have undertaken projects with Fibonacci numbers sequence, Logo, Fractals, 3D modelling and Minecraft. When I look at coding I like using physical objects like the makey makey and the micro:bit. Seymour Papert the father LOGO is a hero of mine. I still immerse myself in the beauty of nature and often listen to the sea in shells :slight_smile:


I really enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing all that memories about your toys and the beautiful paint .
I love your quote


Stuart, I ´ve been collecting seashells and sand for 40 years, as a child I could not do it because my mom thought they were unlucky, because they were saltwater.
I grew up and showed her he opposite, she was wrong, now she has them at home.


When you think about your childhood, do you go back to times when your interests were free?
You chose your objects or toys, why you wanted to, you interacted with them without fitting well with anyone.
If we manage to be that way again, we will have more opportunity to be creative.


We call them in my country. “Saca piojos” “Pulls out lice”, there were so funny


Beautiful picture Rayhanul, and nice story


Hola Alfredo, yo también tuve un Atari, fue mi primer computadora, el tuyo un videojuego.
Me llamó la atención que entraras al Spanish Room en el Unhangout y te perdimos, no tuvimos oportunidad de escucharte. Ojalá compartamos más adelante algunas de tus experiencias. Saludos


María que linda experiencia de tu infancia nos cuentas, es hermoso recordar cómo influyeron ciertas cosas en nosotros .
Yo también he trabajado con niños y jóvenes de diferentes niveles educativos, mi pasión son los preescolares, soy educadora y eso se nota en todo lo que hago.

Los rompecabezas son excelentes para muchas áreas de aprendizaje, de hecho amo hacer rompecabezas gigantes en el piso, con las fotos de los niños en una panorámica y que vayan reconstruyéndola en equipos.
Funciona muy bien cuando se trata de algo significativo, como es su propia persona.

Saludos cariñosos, soy Vero de México


Hello, you show us something alike in a experience of a builder man who is working now at home fixing the walls. I asked him if he remembered a toy in his childhood, and he asked me the same, he played with little stones a game named “Matatena” , because he hadn´t the picks, but the game was alike. Is funny whe we go back to our memories.


Very interesting your experience, of course adults do not want children to get hurt, but how far should we protect them and how?

The indigenous cultures of my country confront their children to situations that “civilized people” do not do, but this shows that their intention is to take them on the path of discovering that they must dominate their environment to survive.

Strategies must be faced with guidance and supervision


Genial, además un excelente medio para aprender, mecánica, matemáticas, robótica, etc


Oh! I have it in my grade 6 class (students from 1 to 12 years old)! My students will explore weaving with wool soon! :slight_smile:


Hola Vero :slight_smile:
Gracias por tu mensaje… efectivamente, entré al unhangout en español, pero como no tenía acceso al video decidí probar el entrar con otro navegador. Desafortunadamente cuando lo hice ya había terminado la sesión :frowning_face:
Finalmente, lo importante ahora es continuar participando, aprendiendo de la información que nos proporcionan y, por supuesto, de las personas que -como tu- están dispuestas a compartir. Así que seguramente seguiremos en contacto, espero que tengas una excelente semana :smiley:


“Everybody has a book inside”, said a writer Bonnie Marson; then you can write a book


Now I love to play Jenga and use the pieces of wood to build something


Yo les compré a mis hijos ese tipo de materiales, me fascinaba crear con ellos.


Thank you, Vero, for your comment!
I agree and disagree (how very academic of me). What do you mean by saying that my interests were “free”? Our interests are never absolutely “free”. They depend on what we’re exposed to. You can only choose among the things you are aware of, can’t you? If you’re not aware of something, it doesn’t exist for you and so you can’t choose it… (in childhood, I mean. Adults have more options of discovering things outside their immediate surrounding). The only thing, perhaps, is that in childhood we tend to be more widely exposed to things, less narrow-minded (literally and metaphorically). Because we don’t yet know what our interests are, we are open to explore more. Anything can catch our fancy. As adults we do these calculations differently. We might ignore things because “they don’t interest us” or “are not productive” (money-wise, reputation, self-advancement or other reasons) or “we’re not good at it…” We are much less likely to explore things just for fun (which is why we need this course :stuck_out_tongue:)
Our interaction with toys depended, again, on what we had access to. If your friend had a sophisticated magic-tricks kit but you didn’t, you might not be interested in magic tricks. Or, on the contrary, you might be VERY interested in magic tricks simply because it’s something you DON’T have… But you are not very likely to be interested in magic tricks “out of the free blue sky”.
I agree with you, though, that we should regain our childhood sense of wonder. :slight_smile:
Sorry, it came out longer than I thought. :frowning:


¡Se ve que la pasaron muy bien :slight_smile: están muy padres los disfraces! Es increíble que pasen los años y Toy Story sea una película que sigue gustando a muchas generaciones. Los valores de amistad y el cuidado de nuestros juguetes y sobre todo el cuidado de nuestro mejores amigos es algo que todo pequeño y grande debe de aprender, y que mejor que con una historia tan bonita.
Atentamente y de parte de:
Zaira Grostieta


Great, thank’s!