[Wk 1 Activity] Childhood Objects


One childhood object that I remember vividly was a small net for catching insects. It was just my size and allowed to catch butterflies and grasshoppers in the large field behind my house. I remember running through waist high weeds, net in the air, determined to catch a butterfly as it flitted and danced across the field. The net brought the insects up close where I could gently examine them, look closely at monarch wings to see the patterns and colors or the beady black eyes of a red-winged grasshopper, and wonder. It is from this play that I developed my love of nature and its beauty. I also became deeply curious and in awe of the other worlds and creatures living in my own backyard.


My object: four volumes of illustrated encyclopedias for children.

Vol 1: Sky and Earth
Vol 2: The World of Life
Vol 3: Science Around Us
Vol 4: Human and Society

What was special about it?

  • It’s colorful. It’s infinite. It’s wonderful.

How did it affect the way you think and learn?

  • It makes me seek marvelous learning materials.


Mi objeto: Atari 2600 :smiley:


I grew up in the 90’s with some computer games that my dad used to give me for Christmas. My favorite was ‘The way things work’ or ‘Como funcionan las cosas?’ in Spanish.

This game combined two of the things that I became most passionate about: illustration and engineering. At some point in my childhood it was hard to have any mental model of an object that did not involve mammoths. I loved how funny and innocent all the mechanisms seemed, not harsh, not dirty but small, delicate and structured. There was an aesthetic to working things that made me curious about the inner mechanisms of everyday things.



I played with Lego a lot as a kid (as well as Lincoln Logs, Erector sets, trains, and more), but this car particularly impressed me. I loved the steering mechanism with its flexible joint and a geared system for angling the wheels. With most Lego sets, I built them by following the directions but then dismantled them and played creatively with parts. But this one, I kept intact for months, keeping it away from my brother who was five years younger than I. Like Papert, I would guess that my affinity for building and playing with coordinated systems, like this steering mechanism, has influenced my as an adult. I still love to maintain my own bicycle, do household projects, and work with students and teachers on creative projects.


Hi Alain,

In this case, we call it when the sea is high, with large waves, bigger than normal, and this happens in a specific period of the year, usually between December and January, we call this period of the sea of “ressaca”, or “hangouver”, translating literally to english.
And it really was a wonderful place, where I lived special moments in my childhood.


Hello Vero,

It really was a wonderful place, where I lived special moments in my childhood.



Reading through the answers is just inspiring and heartwarming as well.

For me, I was very inspired by mother who is a great dressmaker and is very good with a sewing machine. While growing up all I wanted was to have my sewing machine of my own, so one day when I was 9 my father gave me a handheld sewing machine!
I was very happy with it but unfortunately it soon broke, but I was determined on fixing it myself, so I opened it up and found out that one of the gears was broken, I opened many broken toys trying to find a similar gear but with no luck. Then I tried many times making a new gear using different types of clay but of course it didn’t work.
I kept the the broken sewing machine for almost 7 years, in the hopes that one day I would be able to fix it… After that I had to get rid of it not knowing that some years later, I would be working with 3D printers and other digifab machines and also would have access to Aliexpress and Amazon :smile:



This is a Weaving Loom. When I was little I would sit beside my grandmother, who was an expert knitter, and make potholders --many, many potholders. More potholders were given to my relatives than any other Christmas gift. I struggled for ever to tie off the ends correctly, but kept at it, enjoying the focus and attention and peace it provided, and as well, the beauty and variety of patterns I could produce. I felt independent and creative.

To this day I strive but struggle to be a novice crochet-er, and Ive never come close to what my grandmother could do. But I still love it–the touch of it, the peace, focus, meditation and then the colors and patterns. I’ve been a ‘jack of all trades’ and ‘master of none’ for some time when it comes to craft work. I wonder all the time what keeps me from being expert…as I seem to prefer to dive in a little to a lot of things rather than develop expertise in one thing.

Now Im one of the the curators of our educational programs K-4, rather than the expert in one subject (also maybe whyI loved teaching kindergarten!) I wonder all the time about when a child (or teacher!) needs to be pushed to deepen expertise (that threshold is harder to get over sometimes), and when an exposure approach is just right too.

Love this provocation and plan to use it with my teachers!


I loved the the Encyclopedia body insert. I spent a great deal of time looking at the different layers and discovering how the body works and fits together. I also enjoyed puzzles and still do today as an adult. I now teach computer programming which is all about solving puzzles.


One of my favorite childhood object, was a battalion of lead soldiers, I don´t know who gave me or why I have it, because most of the time is a boy´s present, but I discovered a lot of things with all that little pieces; I don´t remember to make a war with them, I remembered I love to put all the little soldiers on a line, like dancers, making choreographies or something like that.
Girls see the work of a person with a different point of view.
I remember that I used them as if they were bowling pins and threw them with a little ball.

They could interact with other toys. They had a sad ending, because the box where they were kept was burned and the lead became a mass of little soldiers.

Now, this toys are not common, but when I came to see them, they bring me back nice memories.

Now, I use the battalions, as part of my communities. Wher can I do choreography to learn about creativity.
Groups that learn to learn

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I have a seven year old daughter who also loves and collects ponies! It has various types, colors and sizes, and always calls me to play with her and her ponies, which I love!


When my nephewwas 4 years old, he went to me and asked me to read a story, he gave an Encyclopedia body, I was amazed about this. Then I began to explained the parts of the body ,as if it were a story.
But the really amazing thing was, he knew most of the names of the body, when I showed him the hip, he answered me: “Aunt, that´s the pelvis”.
Then I began to laugh, he was smarter than me.


This is wonderful Paulo, when you can interact with your little girl, she always going to remember it


Wow, I love that


Now you can have new challenges with Scratch and a sewing machine, watch this link
Turtle Stitch


I want to go there, it looks amazing


I love legos, I use them for my creatives workshops, is a really nice activity, I made a lot of projects with the Edukreatives Caps


Es maravilloso ese libro Anita, aprendimos muchas cosas, ahora yo estoy en un grupo que se llama la REM, Red de Educación Maker.
Te invito a que busque sobre todos los Makers y spacemakers que se han generado con estas ideas.

Te mando 2 links



Me encanta Toy Story, es la película favorita de mi nieto de 3 años, sus personajes que siempre busca para jugar, así que su fiesta de cumpleaños fue con ese tema, y claro los abuelitos no podían fallar y ser parte de la fiesta.
Nos divertimos horrores.