What online learning strategies and resources do you use?

Hi LCL community,

Since many educators are now working online, we wanted to create space for sharing related resources and strategies.

What have your experiences been teaching and learning online? What tools and resources have you found helpful?

Reply to this post if you’d like to share an idea, question, challenge, or other thoughts.


Hi @Lily and other friends. In Turkey we are in mid semester break. This is an planned break before for education. On the next week we will give break about Covid-19. Now, we are trying to use national education and information technology network. We will start to give classes on that system from next week on. That is a great technology and usefull source for education in Turkey. It will be surprise for students and their parents.

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Hi everyone! I appreciate the chance to connect and share in this uncertain time!

My team and I have a few resources that we wanted to share:

2020 Real-World Design Challenges for Kids - we created a list of 18+ empathy-focused design challenges related to our present global health crisis that kids can brainstorm and prototype at home, use for reflection questions, and/or family discussions. The link is open to anyone to edit - feel free to add your own ideas as well!

K12 Computer Science Distance Learning Resources - a crowdsourced list of ways kids of all ages can engage with computer science from home – both with and without technology. Again, anyone is welcome to add ideas!

Thanks and take care, everyone!

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Thanks for starting this thread! I’ve started teaching free online classes and trying to recruit high school students that I can coach to do the same


My school has been closed since February 23, I write to the children and I can see them a few times in a videoconference: I use a platform for interactions and exchanges of simple jobs, but in the houses the situation is not simple. Many parents work from home, not all children have a PC and use the smartphone/tablet.
The priority is for high school and middle school students who will take the state exam in June.
At the moment I make some games, especially I propose activities to do with the family because you can not leave the house.


Thank you for sharing.

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I am teaching Grade 4 in Japan. We have been online learning for three weeks and are in the last days of spring break.

Try to keep things short and clear.
Try to put myself in the videos often.

We use Seesaw to communicate with the students. Sometimes the videos do not load well on Seesaw, so I upload them to YouTube as “unlisted”. Then, to block out the potential distractions of ads or other videos, I use ViewPure.

To make the videos, I really like Screencastify.


I am working at a private school in Turkey. I am primary school ICT teacher. We meet online with students in all courses. We keep the instructions as much as clear. I used short videos for students, which mention about what they will do. And I also create some videos and upload it edpuzzle and ask some questions while students watch the videos. As assessment, I sent google forms as exit ticket.
In online lessons, I used Jumpboard as a board.
Since my students are at elementary ones, I do not want to confuse their minds with too many tools.

Muito obrigada! Sou professora no Brasil e gostei muito das sugestões!

This is great! Thankyou for sharing this :))

Most excellent, thank you. Followed on Twitter as well. Keep up the great work!

I’ve been using our National Education and Information Technology network because of the corona
covid-19 and some tools for live distance learning in Turkey.

Hello everyone! Here in Brazil, we had classes online until March 30th and we basically recorded classes using Loom, posted it on Google classroom and interacted with students also through Google classroom. Now we are on vacation until May 5th, because of the quarantine, after we will probably keep the online classes, however I haven’t received the guidelines yet! It such an uncertain time, but we are keeping a positive a cooperative spirit over here!

Hello, I’ll check ViewPure. Thanks for sharing!

My name is Alexandro Salvador city - Brazil. I confess that each day is a learning experience, because we are intensely thinking together about how to improve our teaching in the virtual format. I belong to a group of educators who are putting together a format to transmit to students in a pleasant and creative way. There is no better model than learning through play. I also can’t stop talking about students who don’t have a computer or even Internet access. For them, information and culture will not reach them.


Olá, sou professor da prefeitura de São Paulo, estamos iniciando as nossas atividades online esta semana, apesar de estarmos a 15 dias no isolamento. A administração esta encaminhando material para a casa dos alunos e hoje estamos participando de reuniões à distância para planejamento de atividades online. A grande preocupação são os alunos que não tem acesso a internet em suas casas. Temos na escola um grupo de alunos que participam conosco de um cursinho para ingresso no Ensino Médio, chamadas Escolas Tecnicas, onde o vestibulinho e bem concorrido, estamos gravando videos com correções de simulados para reforçar os conteudos, e publicando no youtube e compartilhando em grupos pelo WhatsApp.

Yeniden okulla ve öğrencilerimizle buluşacağız.
Kendimizi her alanda motive etmeliyiz.

Olá colegas, aqui em Goiania -Brazil, estamos em quarentena deste do dia 16 de março, estamos usando o classroom com alunos, zoom para aulas, eu gosto de usar o loom para gravar minhas telas e colocar audio para os alunos. Estou aprendendo mais está sendo uma experiencia muito legal.

Aqui em Pernambuco, Brasil, estamos trabalhando com diversas ferramentas. Infelizmente não conseguimos alcançar a totalidade dos estudantes, mas as ações estão surtindo efeito em boa parte.

Estamos utilizando redes sociais como plataformas digitais de aprendizagem, as turmas possuem grupos sistematizados e silenciados temporariamente no whattsapp, trabalhamos com canal da Escola no Youtube, formulários através do google docs, transmissões ao vivo a partir da plataforma zoom.

Um detalhe importante, é que não estamos focando na base conteudista para os estudantes, mas sim, no trabalho emocional, social e de responsabilidades frente a este momento difícil

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