What are your ideas for the LCL community?


Hi LCL! We are so excited to keep exploring, learning, and tinkering with you. What ideas do you have for what’s next? We’d love to hear about your ideas for continuing the community, how we can best support you in your work and adventures, and how you would like to connect with others.

Some of our initial thoughts:

  • The Unhangout platform isn’t just for the weekly discussions - it’s for everyone! Anyone (that means you!) can host an Unhangout, anytime - and we would love to support you in facilitating meetings with others in the community. You could think about connecting with others around topics you are interested in, or brainstorming for specific projects.
  • There are LCLers around the world! How can you connect locally with others who are interested in creative learning? How might you support each other? What could you build together?
  • The online community continues! You can start topics, share ideas for activities, workshops, lesson plans, and space design, post about surprising and interesting things you see, tell the community about your tinkering and experiments…

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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I think it might be a good idea to incourage teachers or volunteers in teaching to share their project with students to open a discussion to match each other