WeScratch - Online Workshop Experiments


Hello LCL!
Happy New Year, and Happy New Scratch 3.0!

In the next few days we’ll be hosting a few pilot sessions of a new format of Scratch online workshops – currently called WeScratch – and we’d love to have you experiment with us! The workshops are hosted on Unhangout, and they are free and open to everyone, no matter your experience with Scratch.

If you are interested, please check out the WeScratch webpage to learn how it works, and sign up for whichever session you are able to participate in.

You can also invite friends and colleagues to sign up, but please keep in mind that this is still an early experiment! We are tinkering with the tools and the format, and we are looking for people who are excited to tinker with us and give us feedback!

Thanks for your help, and hope to see you soon!
Carmelo, Lily, and the WeScratch Team

Talleres de Scratch

Hola @tarmelop!
El horario de los Unhangout ¿es hora de Boston?
Por favor, acláramelo!
Muchas gracias!


Hi @icouretot!
Yes, the time indicated is Boston time!

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Disculpa @tarmelop!! Imposible integrarme a los Unhangout!!! :frowning:
Si hubieran otros, por favor, avisame.
Muchas gracias!

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