Week 6 starts today!


Hello Creative Learners!

We can’t believe it’s already week 6! In the past month we have been exploring Creative Learning through Project, Passion, Peers and Play. In our final week of the LCL course, we explore motivations for expanding children’s opportunities in a fast-changing society, and propose projects to put the four P’s into practice.

Check out the videos, readings, and activity at

Week 6 - Creative Society

This week we will:

  • Watch a video where Mitch shares his vision of a Creative Society

  • Read excerpts from Chapter 6 of the Lifelong Kindergarten book

  • Share a project idea or a plan for a project to put the the ideas of LCL into practice

  • Reflect on how your ideas have evolved during your LCL journey

  • Meet other members of the community in the forum and through the Unhangouts

If you haven’t had the time to fully explore the first weeks - don’t worry! The materials will stay on the LCL site, and you can explore at your own pace.

Unhangout Video meetings

We’ll host more live online meetings on Tuesday, Nov 28, at 9am, 11am and 5pm (all EST, Boston time). In yesterday’s meetings we talked more about Play. If you didn’t get a chance to join us you can hear more about it in this forum post.

The LCL community has just begun

As we approach the end of this 6-week journey into Creative Learning, you might wonder… What happens now?

Well, as you might remember, LCL is more than just a course, we are a learning community! And we are looking forward to continue engaging with the community in many ways in the weeks to come.

You’ll hear from us soon, for now, enjoy week 6!

See you on LCL!

LCL Team


Hi LCL Team,

We would like to know what kind of support we could expect for the creation of an LCL Club in Montpellier France.
Many Thanks.


Hi Eddy,

Could you please send an email to

Please include more details about your plans, and what kind of support you would want. Can’t promise anything, but would love to hear more!



Hi Moran,
I am making progress on this issue.
I will be back to you when significant progress have been achieved.
Moran, is there any follow up for the 6 week training we attended?
I don’t receive anything till today.
Is that normal?
Please advise?
Many thanks.

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