[Week 6 Reflection] I used to think.. but now I think


I used to think that “tinkering” was what my grandpa did out in the shop to get away from my grandmother, but now I realize that everyone tinkers when given something new.
I want to be sure to give my students time to process materials, manipulatives, problems, pretty much anything that I am exposing to them. To many times parents, teachers, and adults in general assume that every child learns in the same way. That is definitely not the case. In fact, most people need time to chew over an idea several times before they can make a decision on it, and for that very reason it is important to give students the time to tinker.


I love what you said about students cementing knowledge. That’s so true. It allows them to make connections with the physical


Kimmie, my view was the same as yours! I used to think that coding was this boring, tedious thing that only computer-savy people could utilize. But after using scratch, I realize that it is not true at all! Coding is for everyone!


I use to think play at school is hard and I am not creative enough to provide a playful environment. School is always bored. But now I think let students play is an essential activity and if we know how to play through the Scratch will be a wonderful opportunity for collaboration with students to have fun and find interests. Therefore, doing the project is playful and always be a great learning moment to shape students’ creativity and explore their interests and passion. And also, looking for people’s reflections and commons will be my valuable resources to see how people to and apply the new try things and creative things into actions.


I totally agree about that! Sometimes it looks easy to find some creative ideas to operate in the classroom but the real issues always happen in peers collaboration and the projects they are going to accomplish. Making projects fun and playful requires students’ engagement that will lead to their learning process. The shift of perspective will be our best teacher to explore students’ interest too!


I used to think that the teacher initates the learning but now I think that the students initates the thinking as the teacher guides his or her thought.

This course and prior courses have allowed me to see what it looks like to be and effective teacher. I remember my professor would always say that an effective teacher works his or her self out of a job. This means that our job as educators is to create students to become indepedent thinker, problem solvers and learners. This will be my goal in my future classroom.


Thank you. That is cool that you had the same experience.


Play is so important. I too agree that play can be for students of all different ages. Play is an easy way for students to experience creativity. I agree that learning is so much more than jus desks and worksheets. The ability to make connections often times comes form the ability to experience it. Play can be a huge factor in allowing this to happen.


I totally agree! I think play is something you can give to all students no matter their age! This book was really good about showing evidence to support that!


Creative play is so vital and truly important for children. Especially constructive play. It promotes development. Its truly amazing


I used to think play and projects were for young children. I came to the realization that kindergarten learning is lifelong learning. We are not too old to tinker, play, project, cooperate, or share our passions. Even better, when we involve and use all of the skills together, the results are far more beneficial and rewarding. Now I think and know that activities such as coding, hands-on tasks, and experiences better shape us and influence the way we learn. I enjoyed listening and reading these courses which equipped me in a very practical manner.


I used to think that technology was most effectively used in learning when used by individuals who are naturally tech savvy, but now I think that it really is open to and effective for all individuals! The thing in my journey that contributed to this shift in my thinking was my projects on the Scratch projects! I thought they would be so much more difficult for me since I did not have experience in any technology like them, but I was genuinely surprised by how accessible and user-friendly it was. I think this influences my work in that it will encourage me to branch and learn new things that technological learning has to offer.