Week 6 in the LCL Community!


Thank you for a wonderful week of imagining a creative society, and reflecting on this LCL experience! We are feeling very grateful for all of your contributions, and for having the opportunity to explore these ideas with you. Here are some things that have been happening in the community this week!

Open Topics
Throughout this round, there have been many rich discussions happening in Open Topics - check them out, and let’s continue the conversations! Among many others, @yumikom posted about using LCL ideas and resources beyond the course, and @Xanthe_Matychak started a conversation about incorporating tech criticism into maker/tech education.

Give P’s a Chance: Putting Ideas Into Practice
People shared connections between the 4Ps and their experiences in many roles, including as a teacher balancing tinkering time and lesson goals, a moderator for the US Army FRG Leader2Leader community, and a game developer facilitating game level creation.

It was great to hear ways that the LCL community plans to implement these ideas in the classroom and beyond, such as in the design of a creative curriculum plan, exploring the connection between mindfulness and the 4Ps through making, and sharing the ideas and resources of LCL with school leaders and teachers.

Reflecting: I used to think…and now I think…
People shared many ways in which their thinking has evolved through the course.

@Hajer.R said, “Usually my thoughts locked in my head, had no place in the reality of life/work, after this session I began to turn ideas to practice!”

@AlainSTEM shared, “The journey has allowed me to connect to people that work, think, anguish over similar things. I have been able to establish rapport with people all over the globe, from Europe to Central and South America…This experience will serve for me to continue to commit to making connections with people that are consistently pursuing a new way of thinking about teaching and learning.”

We have noticed many writing about the importance of peers to their experience in LCL (some people, like @gulen, writing to acknowledge those who have influenced their thinking!). In Peers week, @Vero wrote, “LCL is a real collaboration instrument.”

How has the LCL community influenced you? What have you noticed in the community this week, and over the course? Share below!