Week 5 starts today!


Hello Playful Creative Learners!

Last week we focused on learning environments and communities. This week, we’ll unpack Play, discussing different types of play, and sharing strategies to support the types of play that best support people developing as creative thinkers. Check out the videos, readings, and activity at

Week 5 - Play
This week we will:

  • Watch a video where Mitch discusses different types of play and shares strategies to promote a playful approach to learning

  • Read excerpts from Chapter 5 of the Lifelong Kindergarten book

  • Participate in the weekly activity by playfully experimenting with any material or technology you want to try

  • Reflect on this week’s ideas by choosing a quote and tinkering with it

  • Meet other members of the community in the forum and through the Unhangouts

If you haven’t had the time to fully explore the first four weeks - don’t worry! The materials will stay on the LCL site, and you can explore at your own pace.

Unhangout Video meetings
We’ll host more live online meetings on Tuesday, Nov 21, at 9am, 11am and 5pm (all EST, Boston time). In yesterday’s meetings we talked more about Peers — if you didn’t get a chance to join us you can hear more about it in this forum post.

See you on LCL!


LCL Team

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