[Week 5 Reflection] Playful Quotes


I love your take on these quotes and how you mention teaching children to see failure in light of new possibilities. Teaching from this kind of growth mindset prepares children to be problem solvers and take an active role in their education rather than being passive learners.


It is ironic to me that the school tried to fix the problem by making them walk the perimeter of the playground when merely encouraging them to play and explore would have had the desired effect if not surpassed it. I remember when I was growing up, going to the playground was both a physical thing and a fun thing as my friends and I would run around and play different games we knew or even create our own. Those times were some of the best creative/learning times that I had growing up. It is as you said in your post, “[g]iving the children time to let their imaginations run free while they play is a way to incorporate physical activity, collaboration, and creativity all together.”


I love how this correlates with our Fall cohort class with Dr. Martin. The evidence of children’s diverse learning styles and needs continues to increase. I have no doubt you will excel at developing ideas and stations for your students that will reach them where they are at. :slight_smile:


I chose the entire playgrounds versus playpen segment to discuss. I picked this because I feel that we often impose limitations on children as far as their exploration is concerned, even if we are well meaning. This inspires me to be less involved in leading play and more involved in facilitating authentic play environments for children in my classroom in the future.


Letting students explore their creativity is so important. Their were many times in my student teaching experience where I had a plan, but something happened that wasnt planned allowing for a creative experience to take place. Although I like to stick to a plan, sometimes as teachers it is okay to let go a little bit and realize that learning can happen in many different ways. Creativity can be a huge factor in learning.


This is a very interesting quote. I think sometimes we consider the tinkering that children do as not important or a waste of time, but in fact that tickering can be the catalyst of their creative thinking.