Week 5 in the Community



Thanks for sharing your tinkering! As always, I really enjoyed seeing the diversity of materials and projects the LCL community is working on.

Taking time for tinkering
People tinkered with lasers, berry boxes, math, gardening, LEGOs (as a family!), Makey Makey (with students), popsicle sticks and paint to make puzzles, animatronics

@gulen shared, “I choose thinkering with ‘my life’ for the last 2 years. It has been a long journey but full of questioning, investigating, learning, reframing the assumptions and LCL community contributed to my tinkering by helping me finalize the process.”

@feroda shared that in Fabriano they had a tinkering meetup at the library! The Fabriano makerspace also hosted an Unhangout to share their work.

Thinking about play
There were great reflections on the role of play for learning - check out the thread!

People discussed about the tradeoffs of structure and agency, and different times when creating “playgrounds” or “playpens” seemed appropriate. @smithdcrk shared, “I have used both playpens and playgrounds in my practice. Where the focus was content, when possible, I create a playpen…When the target outcome is more open - a science fair experiment, a contraption, art piece or paper, I take a more playground approach.”

@Xanthe_Matychak raised an important question in the Unhangout: How can we communicate with others why play and the other Ps are important, in addition to how we can support them? In the reflection, Xanthe pointed to a quote by Papert as one inspiration:

“We need to produce people who know how to act when they’re faced with situations for which they were not specifically prepared.”

What do you think? What new questions have come up for you this week, and what did you notice in the LCL Community? Share below! :slight_smile:

listed #2


Such a critical question. It really hits core values with me. It would make me so irate when people would say teaching PE was easy because it’s just play. Hits my core values so strongly, I’m a little lost for words.

Right to Play is an organization that takes play into war torn communities as a restorative measure.

I have worked with play as my medium for years and still, have difficulty bringing Into my daily practice because ‘we’re not serious enough…’ and I also have difficulty keeping it out of my daily practice because I won’t be able to keep coming in day after day if there’s no joy.