Week 4 in the Community!



Thanks for another great week in the community :smile: Here are a few things I noticed, would love to hear yours!

Remix Something
Lots of people explored remixing in Scratch! Some people proposed projects for others to remix (like Vero’s La Catrina project, and Xanthe’s polyrhythmic project); others made remixes from projects from this week and prior weeks in LCL.

@smithdcrk remixed Vero’s project, and @MissMissShelly remixed Xanthe’s. Paola and Hajer both remixed my art/color/sound experiment (which was itself inspired by @mariateresas 's project, and Eric Rosenbaum’s work). @dalsdorf and @shruti both remixed @tarmelop 's LCL project: with falling peg spirals, and drawing!

And people remixed beyond Scratch projects, too! @dalsdorf remixed a telephone into a music machine. @tarmelop remixed the Scratch interface with cardboard. @jpaskett wrote prose, and @Dione remixed a poem.

This week, we suggested you connect with others in the LCL community, whether in the forum, on Slack, in direct messages, Unhangout calls, or in person locally! Here are some reflections from that process. Let us know how it went!

We heard from educators in Fabriano, Italy who met up locallly (see @Bice_Rapaccini’s post), and @Vero shared in the Unhangout about how she met virtually with educators from Mexico and Colombia.

Check out @Xanthe_Matychak’s post about ways of facilitating peer connection!

And look at the Open Topics section to join some rich discussions :slight_smile:

What did you notice this week? Let’s discuss below!