Week 3 - Pick a Quote


“When discussing technologies to support learning and education, Seymour Papert often
emphasized the importance of “low floors” and “high ceilings.” For a technology to be effective,
he said, it should provide easy ways for novices to get started (low floors) but also ways for
them to work on increasingly sophisticated projects over time (high ceilings).”

I loved what this quote articulated regarding technology and learning. The whole idea of creating enough margin in new technological projects to allow both beginners and enthusiasts to thrive is very interesting. I think of technology like SMART boards that advance learning. I remember student teaching with second graders last semester and would occasionally have them interact one by one on the board. One student would have difficulty writing on it while another student would be so tech savvy that they could answer my own questions about it, even though I was the adult in the situation. That quote just made me think of this scenario because I realized that this one technological invention had already set a low floor and high ceiling in my own classroom, for both my students and myself.

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