Week 3 in the LCL Community!



Thank you for all of your amazing participation in Week 3! It’s been so fun exploring your interests, and thinking together about how we can support students in pursuing their passions. Here are some things we noticed this week - excited to hear about your reflections!

Making with Scratch!
People shared projects about many passions, such as music, yoga, shapes, and games, and made “about me” projects.

Some people were inspired by Halloween and made spooky projects :ghost:

People made projects with others (like @Maltex, who collaborated with their son!), and for others (like @Ondrej, who made a coloring book for their daughter!). @rinam made a project about their twins! @MissMissShelly made a project for creating scatterplots with students.

It was great to see the LCL community inspiring each other! @mariateresas made an animated painting project, and @Paola_Caneppele remixed it with another painting. @Hajer.R made a project with the LCL logo, and @rubinilaforest remixed it.

@tarmelop was inspired by the whole community, and made a project to say thanks!

Experimenting with Scratch Unhangouts
We had a great time trying out a Scratch online workshop with some of you on Friday! Thanks so much to those who joined, and shared their projects, advice, and ideas together.

Designing for Wide Walls
In this week’s Unhangouts and in the forum, there’s been a lot of great discussion about how to support students in working on projects connected to their interests. Check out this thread for an in-depth discussion of challenges and strategies - here are some quick quotes…
@Ondrej: “It happens to me sometimes that when the walls are too wide kids get lost and don’t know where to start or what to do.”
@Xanthe_Matychak: “I wish educators would talk more about this struggle: Self directed learning doesn’t always lead to passionate engagement.”
@CatPDX: " I find supporting and celebrating! student struggles can be more important than successes."
@smithdcrk: “The lighthouse’s role is to shed light on the water, but its is still the sailor who navigates. As educators we can be lighthouses, when the students have difficulties they can find us and we can guide them.”

What did you notice this week? What stood out to you, and what would you like to explore further? Share below!

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Each week implies new challenges and new ways of seeing things; if we try to look with different eyes, we will surely find new answers to the actions we frequently do; that’s what this course is about, learning in a creative way.


When you are teacher of little kids, sometimes is hard to explain concepts like “arrays”, so, my inspiration was to do something easier to teach them :wink:


Cada que entro a la plataforma me encuentro con nuevos aprendizajes y experiencias significativas. Las cuales son muy enriquecedoras para mi formación. Puedo afirmar que he logrado ampliar mis conocimientos y lograr acrecentar mis competencias digitales…