Week 2 starts today!


Hello Creative Learners!

Week 1 of LCL was awesome. You wrote about everything from Lincoln Logs to pastel paints to bicycles to trees, connected with each other on the forums, and reflected on your favorite P. We are ready to start another week of learning together!

This week, we’ll explore Projects, the first of our 4 P’s of creative learning, and we’ll also start making projects with Scratch. Check out the videos, readings, and activity at Here’s a summary of what we’re doing this week:

Week 2 - Projects

Watch a video where Mitch introduces why projects are such an important part of creative learning.

  • Read excerpts from Chapter 2 of the Lifelong Kindergarten book

  • Participate in the weekly activity by animating a name with Scratch

  • Reflect on this week’s ideas by engaging in conversations in the online forum

  • Meet other members of the community

Unhangout Video meetings

We’ll host more live online meetings on Tuesday, October 31, at 9am, 11am and 5pm (all EST, Boston time). We had a lot of fun in the online meetings yesterday. If you missed them, you can learn more in this recap forum post. If you’d like to meet others in the community and discuss some of the ideas of the week, please join us next Tuesday for our next round of Unhangouts!

See you on LCL!

LCL Team

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