[Week 2 Reflection] Thinking about Coding


For me this has really changed the way I view coding in a positive way. Before, I remember few conversations with people who enjoy this sort of thing or are really good at it. I would always be impressed and think, “Wow! That is so cool that peopleknow how to do that!” For me, I get lots of great ideas but sometimes the details behind it such as coding are where I am waiting and relying on someone else with more experience and expertise. Trying to learn hwo to do this never crossed my mind. However, this activity made it really simple and allowed me to experiment and take risks. After creating something I could step back and see how simple it was. It was very exciting to see it actually all come together!


Ciao, la mia prima eseperienza con scratch è stata circa 2 anni fa…durante una lezione introduttiva fatta agli alunni della mia scuola. Da quel momento mi sono appassionata al coding e credo che sia molto importante dare un opportunità a questi ragazzi che potranno utilizzare il pc non solo per giocare ma per creare qualcosa che possa dar loro la possibilità di imparare e apprendere


For me, coding has always been an intriguing mystery. I self-taught myself to code and to develop website. I simply enjoy solving programming puzzles and learning everything about computer science.

The most magical part of being able to code came when I found I could control objects in physical world with code via micro-controller and various sensors. It’s a very enabling experience: knowing that you can learn everything by working with hands-on project and that you can create things that are likely to be seen or used by other people.

Coding is engineering in that it solves real-world problems. Coding is art in that it enriches the way we express ourselves. Coding is an interface because it is a medium between men and machines. The power coding can bring to kids is limitless and I definitely want to be an enabler of this.


I always thought coding would be a large mess of mumbo-jumbo that would be tedious and boring. This project maker was pretty simple to figure out and had a lot of fun things to play with. Coding attitude officially changed!


In my opinion, Scratch is an inspirational tool in learning codes. Creators could learn coding step by step as they could break down their ideas or concepts into pieces of codes before combining to complete their projects.

Besides, beginners may get terrified when dealing with lines of codes. However, since Scratch visualises codes into Lego-like blocks, beginners could understand the logic of coding in a much easier way.


I haven’t tried Flowol before, but I think Scratch also helps children think in a more logical or organised way as they could first build up bits of codes and complete their project step by step by combining those bits together :slight_smile:


Prior to using Scratch, I have had no experience coding. Before using it, I had no clue what went into coding. I always thought that it was a difficult skill that I would never learn. Scratch makes it easy to learn how to code and teaches you the basics of coding. I like how you have the power to manipulate anything and everything. You have the freedom to be creative and express your ideas through technology. I used to think that coding was only for people in the CIT and computer world, but scratch helped me to see that anyone can code.


This is great feedback, Taylor! I had a very similar mindset about coding, especially talking with our college friends who code daily. I wanted nothing to do with coding–until Scratch! You’re right, it’s set up in a way that creators feel capable of completing projects that they didn’t realize they had the potential to develop.


Scratch was definitely something I was not expecting. First, I was really nervous because when I heard coding, I immediately freaked out. When I think of coding, I think of brain work, long hours of computing, infinite numbers, and confusing letters. However, experimenting with Scratch was such an eye-opener. I understood that coding involves creativity, detail, and dedication. It ultimately has value whether it is a simple task or a multi-purpose code or message. Now, I confess I enjoy working in Scratch and exploring other cool ideas from my peers and others around the world.