[Week 2 Reflection] Creative Learning Spiral


I too imagine something then create it. However, sometimes I can be a lazy and continue on with my original plan because I dont want to take the time to fix it ( I am working on this). I love sharing things with people. One of the best ways to learn from something is to receive feedback. I too find pleasure in what others say about my work.


I would describe my creative process as one that begins with extreme curiosity and interest into a topic that is either entirely new or is a new aspect of something I am already familiar with. For instance, I might be really interested in nutrition (which I am) and as a result, might stumble across the importance of cutting out added sugars from my diet. This is an example of interest catapulting me into creativity because once I have learned that added sugars are no bueno when it comes to diet, I started getting creative about how to alter my diet to accommodate this new discovery (i.e. eating no added sugars). I attempted this for a couple weeks one summer. I cut out all added sugar from my diet because the concept intrigued me — I wanted to see how I would feel (e.g. if I would have more energy) as a result of this change. Soon, my creativity kicked in as I attempted to eat foods without this in it. I started branching out and getting far more creative in my meal choices (e.g. a homemade chicken burrito on whole wheat tortilla with green peppers and spinach instead of the same old sugar cereals I used to consume). Thus, my creative process lends itself to being one of intrigue, followed by interest, followed by creativity, followed by discovery and enlitenment.