[Week 2 Reflection] Creative Learning Spiral


I tried doing a scratch project to be conscious of my creative learning spiral.
As I was reflected on my creative learning spiral, it starts with imagine --> create --> play --> discuss/feedback --> reflect --> share.


@louise I love the snail as metaphor of the learning because learning is a slow and long process.
In italy, a great theacher, Gianfranco Zavalloni promoted the pedagogy of the snail for a slow and peaceful learning.


thank you for the reference to Zavalloni :snail:


Thanks Jane for sharing that, I read the full article and found it very useful.
All the best.


I like to combine the creative learning spiral with the design thinking process.
The most powerful elements of these two processes are Empathize, Reflect and Share.

Empathize is about listening to yourself and others without judgment; it is to research a new filed through a variety of procedures; is to put the others shoes.

Reflect is about self-acknowledgment, understand how your mind works based on the stimulus received from out/inside.

Share is about to tell about your project/ideas/etc in a way (or many ways) that the audience will understand you. It is how you express yourself to the world and develop the right environment to give and receive feedback.


There are two different documents from the Canadian Education Curriculum, one on Stages of the Design Process and another on Stages of the Scientific Inquiry that allow us to make strong connections between them.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the source. I’ll try to copy them here.


you surely described the spiral in Martha Graham’s dance technique.
As a former Modern Dancer and teacher, reading your comment I could relate to what you wrote and transform my point of view of the Creative Process Spiral. Thinking back to the time I studied in Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, in London, one of my teachers said once that we couldn’t develop creativity before we built repertoire.
This could be my contribution to the possible new spiral: what about repertoire? What if we think about inserting Building up Repertoire in the spiral?


Hi, Kim!

This is the source:

Sorry for not posting this before.



Really like your thoughts and questions. I use play in my class and projects all of the time. One way we play in my class is to have quick creative activities that I call “palate cleansers”. I know the students have just come from another class and still have those thoughts, issues, etc. on their mind and I need to refocus their minds, or cleanse it, by doing a quick improv session, writing a story, drawing a monster or any of the other activities we might tackle. It may seem silly to many, but it sets the tone for my class, reorients them to think creatively and can be a fun and positive way to kick off a class.


I really like the spiral and I think as a teacher, I relate it back a lot to the learning/ assessing cycle in the way that we are having to constantly observe, assess and create new lessons that meet the needs of our learners. In a lot of ways we never hit the mark with all of our students, and no matter how hard you plan/create/prepare some lessons just flop! So I feel it’s similar in the process of creative learning where you are constantly testing and adjusting in order to continue the cycle.


@roberto_lcl may we replace task with project, and test the word play?
What do you think in relation to the Stanford design Thinking Process suggested in one of the last posts by @TatianaSoster


FASCINATING! I am printing out the article as we “speak”! And am looking forward to reading it on the way to work this am! THANKS for the tip!


Hello Andrea!

Thank you so much for reading my post. I love your proposal. It seems to me that the repertoire, or in other words, diversity of experiences, is fundamental to enrich the creative potential.
I believe that this repertoire is intended to nourish or stimulate the ability to imagine.

What a pleasure to find a passionate dancer around here!



Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time last week…but when I read about the learning spiral something I saw few days ago immediately comes into my mind…
This video was made to generate movement illusions…

I think it could be a great metaphor for the learning spiral…once you look at it …everything around you will move giving you the possibility to have new points of view!


Acredito verdadeiramente na espiral ascendente proposta como design de processo, porém vejo a necessidade de um gatilho orientado ao desenvolvimento dos projetos. Principalmente em relação ao item IMAGINE, cabe uma contextualização e/ou criação de temas geradores norteadores.


My creative learning process is similar I would only add an aditional cloud (mistake):

See my Creative Process


I LOVE this idea! Like a good educator, I’m totally going to steal it. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks! I’m super excited for the Play Week – I’m realizing I have a lot to learn.


I don’t think of my creative processes as anything as organised as a spiral.

I start from chaos, have a bright idea (for an app, a song, a piece of artwork, etc.), I work on it, modify it, may leave it for months then go back to it, (eventually) become brave enough to share it and then will listen and learn. I will go back to viewing what I have done afresh and change it or leave it…

Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes dead slow!

Then it’s back to chaos. :blush:

Here’s short animation of what I mean:


Why do you not consider mistake inside the create process?